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What's the best and budget friendly way to pass 12 drug tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GimmeTheJ, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Hi I live in Turkey and my mom called the cops on me 7 months ago and now my probation is only beggining.. it will be going on and on for a year approx. I work for cheap prices and want to take some seshes with my ganja whenever I have money. A dollar=6.5 turkish liras so I dont have much to spend on amazon n stuff just some cheap but good detox drinks advices would be great! I cant seem to find any of those here so I'll have to order them online. Please help me out guys I miss my jane so much any advice would be great! Btw please dont say stop smoking cuz I've been a really heavy smoker for years. I maybe took 20 bong hits a day before I moved to izmir and couldnt find any supplies had no friends there for a month and I've started smoking at the same day I met a stoner friend. Thanks for the help already guys stay lifted!
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  2. Detox drinks unfortunately do not work, they simply dilute your urine and you likely will fail the test, you are going to need to stop smoking while on probation. Sucks your mom called the cops on you, that is some fuckin shit. I have no idea the penalties in Turkey or how their probation goes, if you can substitute with a clean friends urine do that, but the liklihood of you passing 12 drug tests while smoking using only detox drinks (which would probably run $20-$30 a pop anyway) is slim to none
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    Your mother called the police on you?? How old are you dude??

    Just stop smoking if you need to be clean like any normal adult would lol
  4. Sounds like you are planning to fail. The least expensive, sensible approach would be to just quit for the probation.

    But it's your life..
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  5. Yeah seems like that... it hurts man, having to stop smoking for a year... they can call me and say you have to give a sample TODAY anytime... I'm 18 and I've been smoking for 3 years. I didn't smoke for a month know and I still feel like shit.
  6. Yeah I was just looking for ways to fool the doctors there but I'm gonna listen to you guys and stop smoking. It wont be the end of it that's for sure :(
  7. Fuck it I sure love weed but I'm not stupid enough to risk ending up in jail for it. Thanks for the advices guys it really... REALLY hurts having to stop smoking for a year :coffee:
  8. It is shitty, try to pick up a hobby in the next year as your go to if you are really craving a smoke, I play a lot of video games and like hiking but not everyones cup of tea. But just think how stoned you will get after that year long t break!
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  9. Yeah dude I started streaming on twitch 3 days ago and got 300 views already so cheers! I spend all my free time gaming but it gets me bored after 3-4 hours:confused_2:
    I also want a decent job so I can save tons of money to spend on reefer after this looong loong year that seems like gonna be hell. The only motivation for me is the fact that I'll get to save money and as you said, how freaking high I will get when its over :sneaky: Its been a month and I already miss ma reefer so much... Shit I was smoking 10 cigarettes a day max. when I could smoke weed and I smoke 1.5 packs right now:confused::confused:
  10. Definitely a good call, work and make that money then you can enjoy yourself once you are able to smoke again...And if you got past the first month, the hardest part is over. Sure, you are going to still want to smoke but the cravings will be less intense and the year will pass before you know it. Good luck man

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