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Whats The Appropriate Way To Ask Someone For Some Good Stuff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Azureth, May 20, 2013.

  1. Now I will clarify I am not asking where to get any, simply asking what is the best way to ask someone for some g without directly asking them and getting them/yourself in trouble?
    I tried asking a friend if he knew anyone that had any "special tobacco" on FB but he just acted like he didn't know what I was talking about and said goodbye.
    Very new to all of this.

  2. The way i did it the first time was by asking one of my freinds whos boyfriend was a dealer at the time. Or you could go up to some people smoking pot and ask to buy a dime or somthing like that. It all depends on where you live though.
  3. Hey you got any herb?(im a chef)
  4. If your unsure, send in a few probes and make a convo about it first, establish if they are a smoker or not..
    Generally after a few minutes they come out with wether or not they are or wether or not they can get any.
    If your not comfortable don't probe.
    My personal approach is to make a joke about it. Eg, if we have a meeting at the workshop, ill simply walk in an make a loud statement to everyone like.." Who's got all the good pot, lets strap one up!"
    It livens the situation and if you watch closely you can see who's laughing nervously to themselves and who's completely oblivious to what you actually asking.
  5. #5 Azureth, May 20, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2013
    Well, my main question is what is and isn't okay to say when asking about it? And is there any danger openly talking about it on, say, facebook or text?
    Oh, and I should clarify my friend I was talking to does smoke but hasn't for awhile so I thought I'd ask if he knew anyone. I found it kinda rude for him to just tell me off when I wasn't even being direct.
  6. Same rules apply, just probe for a while until your comfortable you'll hear what you want to hear.
  7. I just find the nearest kid wearing rasta colors or other weed shit... ask him if he got a dope ass connect, maybe show him some weed in your pocket or smth. Find a way to not look like a narc.

    Or go to , good info there.
  8. Most of my friends smoke, but the issue is that a lot of them don't sell. So usually what I'll do is send a few friends a text asking "do you know anyone that sells?" Usually one of my friends will hook me up with some of theirs, or they'll give me the number of someone who can. If I get a number, I just text it saying "so-and-so told me you could hook me up with some herb. I was wondering how much you're selling for."
    It's as easy as that! :)

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