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What's the appeal of wake & bake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGgarfield, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So i've never understood why people wake and bake, whenever I wake up the last thing I want to do is smoke. Anyone else feel like this? or am I forever alone...:confused:
  2. because you get insanely baked, not much food in stomach, no diminishing returns etc
  3. Pretty much what above poster said. You get a really nice high.
  4. I love the wake and bake. It puts me in a good mood. Especially if I have the day off, nothing better than smokin some rippers chillin for 30 min then knocking out the chore list first thing in the morning
  5. Yea wake and bakes are cool man. Because you get to get really high. But you won't burn out as hard. And you can have a little mini high for the first few hours of your day.
  6. it's amazing, you wake up, toke a few, make some nice coffee or tea and some breakfast, it's just a nice way to start your day and it also get's you insanely baked cause you've been sleeping and what the guys above said :p
  7. I never udnerstood why people smoke right before bed. You get high and go straight to sleep, what a waste.
  8. because wake and bake is one of the Stoner Commandments, it's a sacrament
    #6 I think, right after "thou shalt not pinch from thy neighbor's bag"
  9. It makes the rest of my day ten times better and its my favorite time to smoke cuz the suns just comin up and I can just chill outside and its real quiet and peaceful

  10. Some people can't sleep. And most people who smoke before bed stay awake till they start to burn out.
  11. Well I know that. But I literally know and have heard of people smoking and going STRAIGHT to sleep.
  12. ok this is kinda spooky
    i was just fucking around with #6, but check out the stoner commandments i found on face book -- #6 IS wake and bake

    1. Thou shalt smoke before during and after. The Stoner Gods spoke unto man and said heed thy first commandment. Man took Mary Jane out of the Gods arms and listened. Use Mary Jane before during and after everything thou do. Man blazed, went out and blazed, came home blazed, forgot to do chores and slept. Man was then a stoner.

    2. Thou shalt take weed naps. The Stoner Gods said unto man, for you will get tired and will need to take weed naps. Man, who wasn’t listening asked for some food. The Gods laughed and said listen fool! Thou will need these naps to keep himself going. Gods looked upon man who was already asleep.

    3. Thou shalt always finish thy food. Man woke up and said he was hungry. The Gods toke their time explaining this commandment but the man yelled, “I’m too fucking hungry!” Stoner Gods agreed to please man, and In N Out rained down from the heavens scattering all over California. Man thanked the Gods but the Gods heeded two warnings. “Thou shalt always order double what thou thinks thou can handle. And thou must finish all thy food.

    4. Thou shalt never befriend scavengers. Man was smoking buy the river when another man joined from nowhere and asked to share Mary Jane. Man said, “I do not know you but sure.” Right then the Stoner Gods heeded thy 4th Commandment. Listen man, The Gods said, if thou lets this scavenger smoke he will never be your friend but simply a burden. Thou shalt never befriend him. Man said get the fuck out of here to the other man and smoked in peace.

    5. Thou shalt sit in parked cars for hours at a time. Man asked what he is to do with his friends when he smoked and the Stoner Gods said, “Heed the 5th commandment. When stoned beyond function thou shalt sit in a car with music and simply do nothing for many hours.” Man tried this with a fellow stoner and they sat for 4 hours stoned with In N Out.

    6. Thou shalt wake ‘n bake. Man woke up one day and the Stoner Gods were standing over him. Man said, “Do I owe you money?” And the Gods laughed and said no. Heed Thy 6th commandment. Thou should fit Mary Jane into his morning schedule. Man said what if I do not wake until the afternoon? The Gods smiled and said that’s what we meant.

    7. Thou shalt be understanding. Man asked the Gods one day, “Gods, why is it that some of man does not like Mary Jane and frowns upon me for using her?” The Gods replied with, “Man who does not like Mary Jane has not tried Mary Jane and thou must be understanding about people who do not like her.

    8. Thou shalt save thy money. One day man went to the mall. Man bought a $40.00 scarf and told the Gods his neck was getting cold. The Gods quickly bitch slapped man and laid the 8th commandment. Thou shalt not waste money. Thou could have bout an eighth with thy $40.00. Man returned the scarf and bought an eighth of sticky.

    9. Thou shalt forget. The Gods told man he would not like the next commandment and Man insisted upon hearing it. The Gods said, “Thou shalt forget very often. Mary Jane will sometimes not let you remember things you want to and many of your smoking sessions will be blended into one blurred memory.” Man did not pay attention and replied with, “what?”

    10. Thou shalt embrace Mary Jane. The Gods told man the last commandment before they left. “Embrace Mary Jane. Do not let her go. For she is a part of your life now, when you travel, when you live life and when life gets tough Mary Jane will be there for you. Do not ever let anyone take Mary Jane out of your life. Only you should be the one to take her away.” Man nodded his head and The Stoner Gods left. Man yelled, “Wait! Where am I to get my weed now?” The Stoner Gods turned and tossed a dime bag at man, “This should hold you ‘till you find more Mary Jane. Remember she will always be with you.”
  13. [quote name='"vespathug"']It makes the rest of my day ten times better and its my favorite time to smoke cuz the suns just comin up and I can just chill outside and its real quiet and peaceful[/quote]

    Yes! I wake and bake every single day, it's like my breakfast.

  14. I've done that. Never like a whole joint. But a couple hits out of the bowl before i pass out. Its not that much weed so who cares? And you get to fall out feeling good.
  15. Well it looks like i've been missing out.
    Only woke up an hour ago, will smoke a bowl or two asap!
  16. Wake and Bake is fun, it gives me a feel of hope, makes me feel optimistic about the day, makes me start planning out adventures like Shaggy and Scooby Doo.
  17. Breakfast food munchies & coffee.
  18. High dreams dudee:smoke:
    And it helps some ppl fall asleep
  19. wake n bake and some dubstep is delicious
  20. You get really high. I enjoy the feeling of being smacked+being groggy just waking up

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