what's something that's influenced you/your life?

Discussion in 'General' started by l4m3.u53rn4me, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. like a person, a movie you watched, etc
  2. my family, guitar, the beatles, pink floyd, drugs
  3. snowboarding, music, a few good buddies, and definitely mary jane :smoking:
  4. brother, drugs, pets, snowboarding, school.

    wait, are we talking mental or physical? :D ;)
  5. My mother taught me how to take an ass beating and how to treat a woman.
    My stepbrothers taught me street smarts and the power of music.
    My sisters taught me how to be giving.
    My father and stepfather taught me to be the exact opposite of them.
    Alcohol and weed taught me to relax and socialize.
    Super Mario taught me that mushrooms make you think you can break bricks with your head.
  6. The Bible; I started reading the Bible(KJV) and it changed my life.

    I get it now. I know what is going on and why it's happening.
  7. Lot's of things have influenced my life- my mom and dad for teaching me that a true man never resorts to violence, my childhood Rabbi for showing me that a belief in a god is nowhere near as important as the faith in the divine spark that we all carry within, Ms. Mary Jane for helping me control my epilepsy and just chill out, and every single person that I've ever crossed paths with

    All my experiences make me who I am. I've been influenced by everything I've come across in my life
  8. The internet, meeting my girlfriend, TOOL, randomly meeting some one online who was into astral projection, erowid, hiphop, reggae, electronic dance music, experimental, psychedelic, and noise music, select popular culture, unpopular culture, amazing movies

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