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What's so good about sativas?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boomhauer, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I never understood what was so good about sativa strains. I've had some strains that were sativa and never seen a difference from indica.

    I hear the feeling is supposed to be enterjetic? Who would wana be enterjetic while they're high? Wouldn't you want to feel relaxed?
  2. Basically sativa is a head high and indica is a body high. It's very easy to tell the difference.

  3. You mean Energetic?
    damn I've never seen anyone spell that with a j before...
  4. When you smoke a good sativa, it's like you jump out of your head and are seeing all of your thoughts from an outside perspective. It's amazing really...
  5. >Whats good about sativas?

    -Not falling asleep.

  6. This is true. I just picked up a 1/8 of some nice mostly sativa no-name dank and its the best dank I've had in a year.
  7. I personally love Sativas because they allow you to get high as hell and still be able to cross things off the list of things to do. If you tend to wake and bake often, I find it hard to get motivated to do stuff when you are in an indica funk. I also tend to think I feel a lot more burnt out from heavy indica sessions versus sativa. Don't get me wrong, I love a nice strong indica bud, they also are amazing for cooking with.
  8. Sativa is simply more inspirational and motivating. Less fatigue and drowsiness when smoked through out the day.
  9. how u can tell from head high and body high??

    i smoke weed for 5 years and never really thought bout it till now...
  10. exactley right.iys like your high, but you can do activities that involve exercize.i would recomend surfing blazed. amazing
  11. Everything... and I mean EVERYTHING about weed is subjective. What gives one person a certain effect will have a totally different effect on another person.

    Some sativas will knock you on your ass and make you drowsy as hell... some indicas can be inspiring and motivating. I wouldn't really describe either as uplifting and motivational, or even as a "head" high vs body high. I've been smoking every day for more than 10 years, and in my opinion it's basically all about the genetics. As we speak, I'm smoking a mostly sativa strain that puts me to bed almost every night... I like to wake and bake with the same weed.'s all subjective. If you ask me, I'd say sativas are "in" right now, and that's what all the hype is about... but hey, I love 'em both, so I ain't complainin'. :D
  12. The great thing about sativas is being able to experience the whole high. I always fall asleep on Indicas.
  13. enterjetic? cmon man, I could be sky high and spell it better then that.
  14. The genetics are what make it what it is. The genetics make it a sativa. But, if you have a strain that is DOMINATELY sativa, you are not going to fall asleep.
  15. If you can't tell the difference between a body high and a head high you need to try new herb. Switch up dealers from time to time. I'm not saying, leave your current one, just shop around and find different buds. Just like shopping for a car, you have an idea of what you want, you just gotta find that right dealership, for what you are in the market for. Search around the dealers for different options.
  16. I disagree... As I said previously, I go to bed with the help of a sativa-dominate strain pretty much every night, which completely disproves your statement.

    If you oversmoke a really good sativa? hehe... goodnight!

    A good sativa picked at a high amber percentage will also knock you out.

    Some sativas have a hard crash at the end of an uplifting, energetic high.

    ..and, as always, you have to take into account the individual smoking the herb.

    I've been smoking good weed for a while. I know a few growers and more than a few connoiseurs. Hell, my pops has been smoking bud for 50 years. It's not like we don't talk about this stuff on our own. ;)

    I don't think you can make a true blanket statement about the way an indica or sativa effects people. But hey, you're from my neck of the woods. Maybe one day I'll get to smoke a strong, stony sativa with ya. :wave:

  17. umm... if sativa`s are "in" whats with all GDP and "purp" hype?

    very hyped up indica genetics, weed is not a trend or a fashion;)

  18. yes you are saying YOU go to bed with sativa, but your post before that said how it effects everyone differently, if it effects us all differently, why do you keep telling us what your "sativa" will do to US?
  19. #19 Mr. MJ, Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2008
    I don't recall saying anything to you, doob3r. But please, point out to me where I said "my" sativa would do anything to anyone else.

    Don't worry, I'll wait. ;)

    Re: your previous post about indicas... who said they were unpopular? Who implied anything of the sort?

    You're attributing things to me that I simply did not say at any point.

    "Weed is not a trend or fashion" - are you serious? Weed doesn't go through trends? Certain strains don't get hyped every year? Ummmm... what's the Cannabis Cup all about?

    You must like to chat about smoking weed WAY more than you actually smoke.

  20. if you want to talk/debate cannabis or genetics we can, thats fine and fun as hell. no weed is not a fucking fashion trend, to me it is not, just because satia`s are "in" does not mean they are the hot shit right now, show me all the new strains that have been parented by sativa`s, the new ones because sativa`s are so "in". i smoke what i like, if something has the high i dont want, i wont smoke/grow it period.

    and yes the cannabis cup, where the best strains from all over come to be judged on quality, this is a trend and has been going on for long, long time, the cup does not hype anything up, if you know your genetics and strains you know whats going into the cup and youve got your money on what/who will win with what strain. yeah a strain wins and is in high times but thats not hyping it up imho. hype is what the hip-hop community has done to certain kush strains and purples,

    and as for commenting on how much i smoke, i smoke a lot. if your curious to quality or quantity, genetics, or growing methods, feel free to check my grow journals, there is over 100 pages for you to get to know my smoking style.

    and again your sying that weed effects us all differently, then why are you saying you cant level it out between head and body? just because it does not work that with you does not mean it does not for others. you keep saying a satia with plenty of amber will put us to sleep, i just want to know how you can say that after saying it effects everyone differently?

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