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whats smoking in moderation for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. i started smoking i went from 2-3joints a week now im at 8-12joints a week i need to cut back. what would you say is moderation
  2. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Some would call 8-12 joints a week moderation.
  3. moderation is like...i dont even know
  4. moderation for me is feeling a hit or two above buzzed.
  5. Moderation for me is being constantly baked

  6. this.
  7. I'd say anything less than three joints a day is moderation.

    Unless your joints are huge fatties.
  8. A packed bowl everyday if it's dank then 3 hits will get me blazed, sometimes I'll take a 3 day break then continue.
  9. An impossible question for anyone but yourself to answer.
  10. Well i smoke quite a bit, and i say smoking twice a day would be moderation for me now, but when i was younger smoking once every other day would be moderation. Its all about how much you smoke personally and how well you keep your shit together when you're high.
  11. 5 blunts a day maybe a bukket hit or two
  12. Moderation for me would be 1-2 bowls a day by myself, just at night too since it's a nice way to kick back the feet and play some LoL or watch Adventure Time haha.

    Although I do tend to get carried away and smoke 6+ bowls on days off...
  13. I'm with st0nedform here, a bowl or two at the beginning and end of my day is moderation, but I'm more likely to just keep a low buzz (extremely high tolerance) going all the time than try to get really baked.
  14. I only vaporize .2 when i wake up and .2 at 8pm
  15. Moderation... is not smoking as much as you want to. You want to smoke 12 joints a day? why not 9 or 10?
  16. moderation is for suckers
  17. My moderation is smoking on the weekend only.
  18. From a bowl morning, noon, and night to just a bowl every night. Only day time toking is if I vape or smoke at a friend's on the weekend. Personally, it just feels better. I like being clear headed when I walk into work at 4pm. Also makes the bowl at night/after work that much more enjoyable. A nice toke, dinner, jump on Steam for an hour or 2 and head to bed.
  19. I'd say moderation is 3 or less joints a week, but there's no definite answer. I definitely think smoking everyday is abuse though not moderation.

  20. Depends on why you're smoking daily. If its medicine for something, it wouldn't be abuse. I toke recreationally on weekends, but nightly(half a bowl) for Appetite boost and sleep aid. I was abusing when I used during wake n bake and at noon. That's why I quit doing it so often.

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