What's sex got to do with relationship?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. What has sex got to do with a relationship?

    A lot.

    So I'm just going to say one thing.


    The more sex, the better the relationship.

    So even if you don't feel like doing it every night, DO IT. Or at least try to do it.

    When you're together, always think about ways to have sex.

    Trust me, even if you tried to do it every day, you won't succeed. With the kids, the business, the housework, and the everyday stress...


    For those out there who are married with kids, here's my humble advise on how to improve your relationship with your wife or with your husband...

    Have more SEX!
  2. I got some great anniversery sex today, as a matter fo fact. This thread speaks to me. I beleive it,
  3. Good on you mate!


  4. third month still going steady?

    i don't see how sex improves a relationship single handedly, but i don't think any guy besides myself will argue with that.

  5. ......................... I'm going to remember you said that, :)

    Preciate 'cha Ggrass! Glad to see this whole website hasn't gone to shit.
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    When you're masturbating, it's a different story...

    *Of course it was meant to be a joke... not a very funny joke, but still a joke...
  7. Hey, thanks... I'm really glad it 'spoke' to you, I feel like I'm not completely useless.


  8. so explain how fucking cures relationship problems?

  9. He didn't say it 'cured' goddamn anything, quit being fucking negative.

  10. he said it has "a lot" to do with a relationship, so besides his one two worded answer, i'd like to know what else it provides besides some wet sheets?
  11. Well, what else would?
  12. Oh, was he being negative? I hadn't noticed.

    Fucking cures sore relationship because if you weren't fucking, you'd be fighting, and fucking beats fighting any day.
  13. A hybrid of the two could also work.
  14. i'm old school, if one black eye doesn't do the trick another is sure to follow. :rolleyes:

    never mind talking to the girl, just go fuck her and she'll be happy cause that's all she really wants out of the relationship anyway.
  15. Duh.

    Women don't want that junk because women aren't people.
    I mean would you treat your dog any differently?

    Of course you wouldn't. That would be stupid.
  16. I don't know where you're from, but around here, we don't just go and fuck a woman, we have to woo her. Even if she's your own wife.

    I think you're under the impression that I just grab my wife and fuck the daylight out of her while she's doing the dishes, but no. That's not how we do things around here.

    I have to take her to shopping... do some housework... help her with the kids... play with the kids...

    Listen to her problems... tell her she's not fat... tell her about your day...

    Do all that, and THEN gently fuck her.
  17. Man, some sex, which you obviously have not had, as you don't understand, is like an expression of our love. It's not just shallow sex. It's an expression of want, and love, and need, and everything that goes into being dependant on someone heart and soul. Sex is 4345566 times better if your really feeling it. The kama sutra says some funky shit along the lines of "breathing your partners air" (Metaphorically, i'm sure) is key to some really good lovin'.

    How could that do anything but strengthen a relationship?

    I don't know why you alway come into threads to rain on peoples parades, roor123. Bad habit.

  18. sounds insanely dull and repetitive, do you enjoy it?

  19. Welcome to life.

    Population: Everyone else.
  20. Oh yes, I enjoy it very much. It's actually very entertaining, you should try it sometimes.

    No... the truth is it's tiring as hell... but it sure beats fighting all the time. The kids are watching.

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