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What's really the best way to get high off of grass???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by themac1012, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Is it the weed-saving,ever-popular bowl!!!?
    The classic,beautiful,bong!!!?
    The eligant,Tiny,Joint!!!?
    Or the new favorite Blunt!!!?

    I personally go with a joint because bongs hit too hard for a high high.a bowl goes through alot of material before hitting your throat and a blunt is too big, kind of how you feel more out of a small strwa then a big on3. Idk man my personally shit right now is cig joint and some medical grade. Thats thee shiit. but yeah what are your thoughts?

    thoughs man thoughts!! (Half Baked MAan!!)

  2. I think I might have to agree with you because I've seen old ass super-STONER STONED HIPPIES cough from a vaporizer. But does harder cough equal harder high?
  3. First, you get a 1g nug dipped in some honey oil. Let it dry. Repeat 4 times. Then on the 4th time, you roll it around in kief when its still a little wet. Pack it in a bowl. THEN, you get a little hash ball, roll IT around in kief, top the bowl, and voila!

  4. Everyone coughs when they hit a bong.

  5. this i heard its a 3 to one ratio of how much u need to get about the same amount of high
    even tho the high is different or w e but yea... i heard that somewhere lol

  6. This sounds amazing! I personally like hittin the bong a couple times, but a spliff sure is nice if you got the ganj.

  7. yeah thats what all the vaders(vap users) sayy. I think its probally true if theres a smoke hurricane in em but if not id say Blunts mixed with tobacco all day
  8. to each his own, id say vapor is the healthiest way to go thou. personal favorite goes to vape bongin it.
  9. Guys it's a scientific fact that a bong gets you higher.
  10. Vaporizers give you more THC per volume of hit then bongs. And bongs give more THC per volume of hit then pipes, joints, etc.
  11. Yeah but bongs get you the highest.
  12. Yes, but there are active ingredients you want to activate besides THC. Vaporizing doesn't activate all of them, while smoking does.

  13. True, Very true:eek:

    I stand corrected
  14. no, not true. Turn the vaporizer up till it activates everything you want but still doesnt combust it. Im guessing 420+ degrees would work but i keep mine around tree fiddy

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