Whats outside your windowsill Blades?

Discussion in 'General' started by The beginner, May 3, 2011.

  1. so ive noticed i tend to keep random shit outside my windowsill occaionsally. maybe my piece so it doesnt stink everything up, or some papers in case i want to roll a quick J. but right now all i have is a paperclip used to scrape my bowl for resin.
    so whats in your windowsill fellow Blades? :smoke:
  2. The remote used to open/close all the blinds in my room aaaand an incense holder. That's all right now because my room was cleaned today. Usually much messier though.
  3. Nothing. I have no windowsill. It's just sloped bricks and less than .5" of space on the inside sill that also slopes downwards. Thanks for reminding me that my apartment fails.
  4. Damn, lucky.

    When I look out my window all I see is my neighbor's kitchen. Damn urban shotgun houses...
  5. yup....
  6. outiside? lik eoutside? not shit man
  7. Just a little experiment. We're still going to get kiwi plants later. That sucks for you man, I love that I don't live like that anymore.
  8. 4 bottles of homemade liquid fertilizer that will hopefully grow me some very good weed :)
  9. a paper clip to scrape out my bowl, big ass slinky, pocket knife and deoderant
  10. 4 pot plants in cups...

    Gotta keep the babies inside for a couple weeks..
  11. hahaha a pounded orifice
  12. When I look outside my window, all i see is plants.:confused_2:
  13. a couple pigeons and a 4 storey drop.
  14. Whats wrong with that? I would much rathre look outside and see plants than look outside and see buildings. If I had to live in a house where all I could see out my window was buildings I would probably put a bullet in my head..
  15. Fuck.

    I have to wait 11 more hours to find out.

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