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Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by Blix, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. For those of you who have a TV, or better yet a second monitor,
    to watch stuff on by your computer; what are you watching?

    Right now I've got Good Eats on. The ham episode.

    Man I love my second monitor.
  2. i got two tvs in my room, one for games, one for cable

    and im watching the drug years on channel 158(time warner digi)
  3. im watchin scary movie on comedy central
  4. i am watching Family Guy and good eats is a good show for being a cooking show its pretty entertaining and funny
  5. you BITCH lol

    i thought it was the first one so i turned it on, only to be let down and see it was the second scary movie

    dont get me wrong, i like it, but i have seen it waaayyyy too many times
  6. Tonight will be a cartoon night... Family Guy, Simpsons, and then my new favorite, Moral Orel!!!!!!
  7. Right now I've got a show on called High Performance.
    It's a documentary about the effects of steroids in sports.
  8. i recorded the france v spain and brazil v ghana from earlier today i missed them bc of work so thats what im watchin now
  9. I'm watching Flight 93 about the hijacked plane on 9/11.

    Wish I had a dual core processor so it wouldn't keep jumping whenever I click on
    a thread.
  10. 3 words for you. Master of Champions. Probobly the best show in history.
  11. Starsky and Hutch on F/X
  12. Not watchin shit..

    But i love documentaries and shit.

    The discovery channel and the history channel is like all i watch.

    I love to learn.

    I watched some shit on how some foods are made in factories earlier.

    Dunno why, But i love the shit. So interesting.

    And i love prison shows, About real life locked up.

    So fuckin interesting.
  13. Damn, I thought I was crazy because I watch "Good Eats". Alton Brown has something about him. He's so.... fucking cool.
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  14. watching "Candy" on Modern Marvels on the History Channel. They have some interisting shit on this show.
  15. Watching The Passionate Eye about the H5N1 virus. Seen it before, but there's nothing on TV right now.
  16. watching jurassic park. well my wife is im not really payin much attention to it.
  17. Full Metal Jacket. Eight-Ball just got shot.
  18. i love getting high than watching the grateful dead dvd it is grrreat
  19. A Hot Dog Program. All about hot dogs and the restaurants that serve them.
  20. Nuclear Jihad. It's about the A Q Khan nuclear proliferation scandal.
    He's the motherfucker who gave nuclear technology to Iran and North Korea.

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