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What's on your Stoner Christmas Wishlist?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CaddyMacK, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I wish I could ask for these things for Christmas, but instead I asked for some cash, and hope to get some new "accessories"

    mini-bong and slide (broke mine at the beginning of the month)
    Small scale

    and an oz.

    I think I'll get myself one of those this January.
  2. I'm getting money. I live at home still sadly and have no debit or credit card so I'm buying visa giftcards, then shipping it to my friends. I'm getting an arizer solo, a new grinder, and some other cool shit lol
  3. To not fuck about with the Christmas bullshit or a large number of people.
    Or any.
    We are doing the day completely on our own, no interruptions.
    Just good food, not having to talk to anyone, watching stuff.

    Things I'd like to own, I will buy myself in due time.

    I finally unblocked my bathroom sink by properly unscrewing the u-bend bit...I guess that was a long standing wish. Not for Christmas, but I got said wish.
  4. if we are dreamin big,

    peyote pillar.
    king stemline.
  5. Agreed man
  6. Going to be buy my first bong sometime after Christmas, any suggestions? I don't want to pay too much like 50-60 tops.
  7. another year of increasing cannabis freedom! thank jah and merry christmas

  8. You sound like a very lonely dude.
  9. New ashcatcher and carbon filter for my minibong.
    Royalty bong, showerhead ashcatcher, carbon filter, and case I picked out at my lhs and am planning on dropping 4 bills on next month.
    Power adapter and bong adapter for my mflb.

    Sadly I never get cash for Christmas so I'm already planning on buying all of this with my next few paychecks instead of saving up for a system for my car.
  10. My Christmas wish is to find a new friend in a new town who likes to smoke and can lead me to a source.
    Also a new spoon to replace all the ones I left behind when I moved here.

  11. His plans don't sound bad to me, but maybe just because I'm a closet introvert with a very extravert-oriented career. Nice to have some alone time, though I haven't had a good group of regular solid friends since the summer :confused_2:
  12. Half a pound of sour
  13. How much do you pay for half a pound?
  14. This.

  15. Nope, I just don't like people, or Christmas fuss.
    I have friends. They're some of the people we'll be avoiding.
  16. Well isn't someone a grinch

  17. Didn't the grinch steal Christmas?
    I just ignore it.
    I don't really need to justify it.
    I have no bad feelings for the enthusiasts, carolers, or whatever...fact of the matter is, to me it's more of a family thing, and I have
    a: A shit family life with 70% of my family
    b: The other 30% live too far away. myself, and the wife who is in more or less a similar if not worse standing with her family, get together with our friends and have a dinner and exchange some small gifts 2 weeks prior to Christmas, every year.

    The only thing that really offends me about Christmas is it seems year after year I see people buying more and more ridiculously expensive things for each other, and there's no effort or craft to it than's your dollar value to me, it's a bit garish.
    Of course, that we get stores decorated in the most horrendous colours like white, yellow, gold, orange etc (what's wrong with green, black, purple?) usually sometime in October, to give people a sense of urgency to start spending more money like sheep.

    Yknow what I like for Christmas?
    When someone makes me something. Or grabs me something at an antique (not expensive) store that I might not ever see elsewhere, when someone comes over to cook with us, when my friend makes me coffee that he's blended and roasted himself....things like that. Conversation pieces. Sharing. Learning.
    If someone gave me an old pepper grinder or teapot from the 60's of 70's, I'd probably consider that to be the best gift I'd got in ages.

    I have no need for things or status purchases, I buy all that shit myself.

    Still not against Christmas, each to their own.
    I just think it's become a little too bastardised for me.
  18. Mflb is all I want :p

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