Whats on YOUR pizza?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wykid, May 1, 2005.

  1. i was just about to order a pizza, and thought, hmmm "i wonder what people like on their pizza". so here i am. lol. :smoking:

  2. Weed! haha I wish that was offered as a topping. But I like meat lovers pizza.
  3. heh, I guess I'm boring, but I'd hafta say pepperoni... I hate it when there's so many toppings that you can't even taste the cheese or anything.
  4. Pepperoni or mushroom and sausage from this one place.
  5. Junk pizza is the best. Thats with Onions, olives, pepers, sausage, meats pepperoni. Basically every thing except anchovies, which are discusting.
  6. On my pizza I like mushrooms and an aborted fetus.
  7. Editing it from "dead baby" to aborted fetus, doesnt make it any more humorous.. and mushrooms are ew..
  8. Double bacon cheeseburger pizza. Bacon and ground beef. It's the shit.
  9. Chicken, bbq sauce and jalapenos. Delicious.

    Damn, now I've got the munchies.
  10. pepperoni, cheese, hot peppers and hot sausage. or all meat one or pepperoni, cheese and pineapple.
  11. Come on Horizon. Mushrooms are the shit (I'm not talking about the hallucinogenic ones, but I don't have anything against them)<o =""></o>
  12. it all depends, last night i was ripped off some pain killers the funkyest herb around and a couple beers and me and my boy order an XL Cheese with extra garlic sauce from papa johns and i'd have to say it was AWESOME, sometimes i like meatlovers and sometimes i like bacon cheeseburger aswell
  13. LOL. My mom cooks a lot with mushrooms, and it usualy ends up stinking up the whole house, its horrible... Makes me want to vomit, i never liked them.
  14. Normally I agree with people's opinions, but your opinion is clearly and unambiguously wrong. Nah, just kidding.
  15. I would have to say that I have two favorite pizzas:

    1. Pepperoni Pizza with Sausages
    2. Papa Murphy's BBQ Pizza (the best pizza in the world, in my opinion)
  16. buffalo chicken pizza is a favorite of mine...also bbq chicken pizza, where the bbq sauce is substituted for the tomato sauce
  17. If your tryin to break the record for world's fastest case of diahhrea then get buffalo chicken and bacon pizza. Bring on the rolaids.
  18. Sausage and Onion, which is weird because I normally dont like onions.
  19. pepperoni and... shrooms

    gotta love eating a pizza then suddenly your tripping your nuts off
  20. Mushrooms, Bacon, and Roasted Garlic......best pizza i have ever eaten while high or sober.

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