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what's on your "must do in my life time" list?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, May 12, 2004.

  1. mine will change and grow, but here's a few to get started.

    Pull one of my adult teeth out without anasthetic or assistance. (to be done soon)
    Make love for 24 hours.
    Grow a Cannabis plant taller than myself.
    Go backpacking with no plan of where i'm going.
    Make a feature length film.
    Write a book.
    Create an album. (done)
    Save lives besides my own.
    Travel to distant worlds using only the hidden powers of my mind.
    Teach a Chimp, Orangotang or Spider Monkey to roll joints.

    start a kinda techno-hippie comune and fill it with thinkers, artists, scientists, philosophers and generally just good people. and raise children away from the brainwashing hatebreeding ground of public schools.
    -make peace with some old friends.
    -meet the people here that I would go to the ends of the earth for.
  2. write several books

    make a cartoon

    make a video game

    do something (good) so profound that I'll be remembered long after my death

    discover the origins of the universe
  3. before i die i want to try every drug known to man except anything that involves a needle and my arm

    one day i would like to go skydiving or bungee jumping after smoking a few bowls

    and i know this will never happen but i want to experience my own death and live to know what dying is like
  4. Really, I think I could be content doing just about anything.
  5. sex

    freedom to and recognition for artistic expression on many mediums

    master the guitar

    grow (weed)


    live out on my own
    theres a lot of stuff...but i consider every day a gift because i somehow survived a very fatal complication with chicken pox when i was young. whatever i get, im content with it.
  6. Grow weed

    Visit Amsterdam

    Have sex with a girl that is way out of my league, but way too drunk to realize it

    Uhmmm, I guess that's it. :D
  7. Go to WyoTech and possibly an engineering school.

    Own and operate my own custom car shop.

    Be in a fairly successful band.

    Earn enough money early in my life to experience the things in life I want to experience, and do what I want. And also enough to provide my family and friends with experiences they want. Of course, I'm talking about experiences that cost money. Some experience just can't be bought.

    Grow some excellent bud, possibly some prize winning buds.

    Have a realization sometime in my life that I may actually know what I'm doing.

    Get married, possibly have some kids.

    Have a fleet of custom cars. (If you havn't noticed, I love cars)

    Find a comfortible spiritual medium. Which includes, knowing and feeling I've made peace with God for any and all bad things I have done, and will do in my life.
  8. yell my fool head off at the top of a mountian...done
    be able to look in all directions and see nothing but nature..done
    snag a rock from mt rushmore.....done.sssh
    publish a'able..but i must have a good editor :D
    have my own horse.....workin on it
    further my education............

    make sure my children turn out better than i.also do'
    make amends with all my family.this means me forgiving a few people....
    come outta the smoking closet to my family......
    ill leave the rest for now
  9. Become successful enough to afford a nice house

    Visit Europe

    Grow Shishkeberry

    I'd like to do shrooms

    I have other things, but I forget.
  10. Hit 225 mp/h with me in the drivers seat
    bungie jump
    buy a motorcycle

    hmm.. my mind went blank.
  11. skydive <= doing this summer
    bunjee jump <= going to try to do this summer
    save a life <= done
    visit all 50 states <= i've been to 20 so far
    base jump <= doable if i can rent a helicopter and a parachute :)
    make a difference in the world
    climb something really high, and then jump off of it (base jumping without the helicopter)
  12. own an island

    have a room in my house for weed only

  13. hey cottons!! :D nice list ;)

    this has been erking me...wasnt there a thread like this a lil while back? Ive been searching it, with words I know I used, but I cant find it..
    Im SURE there was..........
  14. hey cottons, who's life didja save? and how?

  15. wow, your just like me. exept i want to master the drums and find out whether christianity is real or not .
  16. own a house in BC
    visit amsterdam
    have a kid
    learn at least two other languages
    spend an entire week stoned off my ass
    do something memorable (maybe write a book, discover something i dunno)

  17. Holy jesus digit. Less the tooth pulling, that my list exactly...

    i even had the fucking monkey rolling, i told that to my friend the other day infact.

    maybe we'll wind up getting some of it done together sometime. if you ever are looking someone to write an intro to your book or just a few passages, id love too (my formal writing is MUCH better than my message board writing, just so you know :p )

  18. after a few days of non-stop stonedness it gets boring and reality will seem like a trip
  19. to Vote that no good son-of-a BUSH out of office

  20. Digit, why would you wanna do that? Just dont toke up before doing it lol. My friend once went to a dentist to get a teeth pulled so he figured to go there high to reduce the pain. Well it kinda worked out the other way for him. He said it made everything even worse... Toking up after the experience did have positive effects though.

    But you wanna do it for the rush or something? Or just affraid to go to a dentist?

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