Whats on your keys

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. I don't really care but wht the hell. I got a little stoned alien guy my 2003 keychain two little mini washington license plates one that says fuck off and one that says randy on my I love bingo neck hangy thing.

    The funny thing is I don't even know anyone named Randy I stole it ;)
  2. house,car,mail,work keys, a dog tag from my old dog that died, and a bottle opener from the university of idaho.
  3. a sobe bottle opener with a lizard on it, that's it
  4. keys. ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaAHAHAHHAAHHAHAhahAHAHAhAhahahahahahaaAhahahaha. heh.
  5. every time i turn arround there seem to be more keys on my ring ....and i still only know what 2 of them are for?

    where do they come from?

    how did they get on my ring if i dont remember puting them there?

    and what do they open?

  6. Ohhh yeah....I feel a project coming on....we could help build up critters key chain collection...that would be fun...critter could get key chains from all over the world....

    I can't find my keys but when I do I will report back with what's on my keychain.
  7. Aside from all the keys I have.........I have an eight ball, roach clips, and one of those fortune telling balls (cant remember the exact name right now). It's too early to be at work when my 2 brain cells arent even functioning yet!!!!!!!

  8. me to!
  9. I've got a Smithsonian Institution keychain.
  10. hey, krazihare.... where'd you get your sobe lizard???

    I love that creamy yellow one...... *mmmmmmmmmmm*
  11. I figured this would getalot of replys for some reason.
  12. car key, house key, mail key, moms housekey....

    and a grappling hook to hook them on my beltloop when I get out of the car....

    after locking my keys in the trunk and AAA having to take my backseat out to retrieve them I try to keep em latched on to me...

    this is after locking them in my car 50 other times...but never in the trunk...that was bad...
  13. That's why I like the little hang em around your neck thinger that I have.
  14. i used to have this stuffed frog :D

    but he got dirty and fell off and lost :(

    so now, just a hemp keychain that i made... i have to remake it every so often, as it gets so worn and torn after like 6 months or more. but i love the one i have right now.

    I'm going to the post Monday since I have it off.
  15. Well, I found my keys....I have a crazy clay butterfly, a pewter dogs head that looks like my dog, a VOLS tag, and keys that look alike causing me to take forever opening doors.

    Thanks, Ganja...I'm a slacker too sometimes...you know those shirts still haven't made it here...I called and asked dude to check on my order and he's supposed to get back to me. I wanna wear it in the grocery store soon!!!! LOL!!!
  16. rmjl..your vols better rape miami...I hate miami and I hate nebraska
  17. I have my car keys for both my cars and keys for my truck, a key for a safe, a key for a growbox, a key for a big plastic box i keep hunting stuff and bongs in, a key for my gun safe, two house keys and one for my garage. I have a thingy that holds 50 cents just incase i'm lost and need to call someone, a grappling hook to hook um on my belt loop, and i had a bunch of other keys and dumb shit with them but took them off because it was just too much shit to have rattling on my belt loop. Yeah girlie i can't belive this thread is so popular, its only because you made it ya know.
  18. i've got two sets of keys - home and work.

    home has a hand-beaded moose-hide key ring, and a peice of leather with my name stamped on it. It's impossible to find my name on anything - unless it's about the vampire slayer.

    work has a long strap (for around your neck, I guess) that was made for me by my class last year. it's beaded leather and it's got my name, grade and year.

    both have got WAY too many keys on them.

  19. Yeah...wouldn't that be nice...I hate them too...but my VOLS need to work on their raping skills...they have been the rapees instead of the rapers lately...DAMN IT!
  20. Mine are on a US Navy Reserves lanyard, and I have this cheesy key chain from my school that they gave out at an assembly once that says SHS is where students come first (my ass...) and the little pop tab thing from a pop can that was from an awesome camping trip over Memorial Day. Oh yeah, and my house and car keys.

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