Whats on YOUR christmas list?

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  1. Share whats on your christmas list here:)

    For me, people keep asking what i want for christmas, i honestly have no idea because i hate people spending money on me for things i wouldnt use. so maybe here i can get an idea or two :p
  2. hmm, my normal answer is gift cards, clothes, movies, music, sometimes tools. But I, like most people I think, always feel akward when answering what I want lol.
    I'm 29, so just makes me feel like a kid kind of when people ask what I want. lol

    My girlfriend has something picked out for me already. She goes a little overboard for holidays/birthdays even when I tell her not to. My birthday a couple months ago she bought me a TV so it'll be fun to see what she shows up with on christmas.
  3. a job/vehicle
  4. new set of titleist vokey wedges. maybe a new oil dome

    i'm getting my dad an appointment to get fitted for this new driver he wants...custom baby.

    I just like chillin with my family on Christmas, the gifts are definitely a plus though.

    The best present would be ending the NBA lockout lol
  5. Money for drugs and alcohol.. If I get enough I may even buy a cheap bong.

    I usually don't get much for holidays anymore. When I was a little kid and my parents were together and both had jobs, we had some heavy holidays haha. Now things are different and people in my family aren't so well off. Not poor or anything, just not like it used to be. It's not a big deal though, I still get like $100 or so in money or worth of stuff. If they ask this year I'll just ask for money instead of gifts although that's probably the plan for them anyway.

    If I get $100, I'll spend the majority of it on drugs, food, cigs, and whatever else sounds nice and I'll have a little party with friends for a night or two. That sounds like a fucking awesome way to celebrate a holiday to me. Haha I'll be set

    Though come to think of it.. I MIGHT save some money and toss it towards a legalize weed shirt. I've been meaning to get one for a while. No more than $20 though. Any company that wants more than $20 for a shirt is on some bullshit
  6. weed man.. very good weed.
  7. More Seeds....;)
  8. i make the list, better recognize
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    The two things I'm looking forward to the most are a new bed/mattress set and a MacBook :D I've had the same twin size bed since I was old enough to sleep in a bed ... I can't wait to get my new queen size, comfy as shit Serta. I'm not sure I can wait another month I'm too hype!! And with a new laptop I'm never gonna leave my room hahaha
  10. I don't want anything these days.....But I'll get a couple gifts anyway

    I don't really like to feel greedy when asking for a bucnh of shit


  11. I'm in the same boat you are, I'm a senior in highschool and te only thing I want is 3 xbox games and money for weed and a nice piece haha, I wish I could answer my mom and just say I want a bong haha. She keeps asking me is there anything "big" that I want and I say no because there isn't and I hate being like I want a $300 whatever that I'll use once.
  12. the jordan retro 11s that come out dec 23..is all i want for christmas ")
  13. Only starting at $29,000. Chump change:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ-aWFYT_SU]ZCorp's 3D Printer replicates a wrench - YouTube[/ame]
  14. i cant believe they only cost 29 grand^ i usually just get checks, come out with 150 or 200. i got a small fam. i always was jealous of those kids who get a ps3, or iphone, or macbook, or laptop. but meh, i get by, its chill
  15. 1) get drunk as fuck
    2) get stoned as fuck
  16. I get to go back to ny to visit my friends that i havnt seen for six months so im set
  17. merry christmas
  18. Fingerless Gloves. Dam I want some fingerless gloves hobo style. I would also like a hammock :)
  19. Hopefully my roommate decide's to be a badass girl and get me some liquour and weed.!
  20. A new guitar amp, probably an Orange TH30.

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