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Whats on your bucket list?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Happy Times, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. One of mine is to smoke a joint in the back seat of a cop car.
  2. Surprisingly...That tends to piss them off.:cool:
  3. Fuck Rachel Starr.
  4. Toke with the dean.
  5. Smoke alot of weed
  6. Let my best friend know how deeply in love i am with her, and to ask her to marry me when were older. Not kidding.
  7. going skydiving while stoned
  8. Go to Saturn.
  9. Do it now
  10. to bone a smoking hot asian woman
  11. Wish it was that easy man. haha.
  12. Burn your name in her lawn.

    That's how I get the ladies :ey:
  13. whats on my bucket list: your mom :D
  14. ejaculate a 10 foot rope of semen all over my carpet
  15. To get a robot that's fueled by malt liquor.
  16. Get off the couch

  17. Futurama.
  18. watch the bucket list
  19. have a 3 some.
    go skydiving.
    smoke a bloint (blunt + joint cross).
    run from cops (and not get caught) CHECK!

    damn i cant name anymore...
  20. I wanna get weed legalized before i kick the bucket. That is all i truely want. Oh and pussy definately pussy

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