What's On The Menu?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drivenone, May 14, 2010.

  1. What's cooking for tonight or the weekend?

    Burgers on the grill, turkey in the over?

    I'm making tacos! McCormick seasoning. Not homemade by scratch. Not enough skill in that area.

    Also please add any special recipes you make have, like how you cook your steak, or mabye you make awesome dips.

    Have a great weekend!
  2. Well you just can't get started until you've had a puff, or two...LOL:smoking:
  3. I got some grandady purps marinating :smoking:
  4. In Siam Reap, Cambodia, where the great Ankor Wat is, also has a small pizzeria called "Happy Herbs". If you order it "specially happy", you will get "really SPECIAL happy pizza". Now, anyone for a pizza?
  5. BBQ tomorrow. Gonna do some steak super thin, minute steak style. Throw on some simple seasoning; salt, pepper, maybe some garlic. Might knock together a Greek salad to go along with it. Thinking of some chicken kebabs as well, with some sort of jerk marinade I think. All that plus nice weather, a few ice cold lagers and a spliff and I'm set for the day.
  6. Sorry, wrong forum...

    I'm out of weed until the 12th of June and even then I have to dry and cure.
  7. Goes to show how predictable I am, ....

    I had burgers on the grill today, and home made tacos yesterday :rolleyes:

    So what is next on my list a turkey in the over? (sorry could not resist :D)
  8. I think I'll hit the rice later...
  9. peppered steak on a ciabata, salad wih ceaser dressing and a beer!

    good times

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