Whats On My Agenda Today?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Czoverton24, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Well right now its 3:12 AM in Florida. Im about to go to Sleep. So heres a timeline for my day.

    7:00 AM-Wake N Bake!!!

    8:00 AM-Head Off To School.

    2:45 PM-Head To My Buddy's House to try some K2 Rasta-(If you've had it was
    it good?)

    5:00 PM-Me and My Friend pick up My buddy Gage and were gonna make a trip to Purple Haze (Local Head Shop) To get a new Bubbler.

    6:00 PM-Test The New Bubbler.

    8:00--Taco Bell!!!!

    9:00 PM--Bears Vs. Packers

    Then Probably gonna jam With My buds.

    Whatchu guys up to today?
  2. woke up around 6:00 am.

    watched some tv.

    im just chillin till my homie gets off work. were gonna later in the afternoon. lmfao my day is boring. oh yeah i have some school work to do also.
  3. picked up my dad from the airport he got back from the mines, went there for lunch came home. now im waiting for tomoz so i can get blazed
  4. Haha, gotta love those days OP..

    9:00 am-Wake n Bake
    10:00am-school for 4 hours :mad:
    Imma be tokin with my buddies between classes, it aint so bad i guess ha
    But not today :rolleyes:
    3:00 pm-Cruise a Jay on the way to work
    7:00 pm-Get paid to watch the bears rape the pack
    And Ill be cheifin when i clock out
    And then again when I get home
    And it will be basically the same day for the next several months, lol

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