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  1. i had this plant for about 14 days and there 2 circular leafs and sprout out of that about an inch are 2 real leaf lookin thing whats next and how longthey seem to be not moving
  2. can you share a little info about your growing environment? I'm also not really sure about what you're asking. Can you be more specific?
  3. my plant is in a 3ft box with holes in the back and a 65 watt grow n show light mounted on the top about a foot away from the plant maybe to close or to far i just dont know this is the farthest i have got
  4. I think the best recommendation I could possibly make for you is to READ, READ, READ, and then... READ some more. There is lots of info on this site.

    Ditch that bulb and go get a compact flourescent bulb that has a color temp of 6500K. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart should all have them for about 8 bucks.

    Then read some more.
  5. YO WRONG LIGHT ........ cfl's or flouros ..... and if you can aford it a HPS will do you much good
  6. Yes, get a different light. At three weeks old it should be close to a foot tall. Then once you have gotten a CFL, put it about 3 inches from the tops of the plants.
  7. yo thanks man that helped alot !!
  8. i cant find cfls any where are they long tube lights or screw in 120 volts!!!
  9. cfl = compact fluorescent light. most of them fit in ordinary light sockets.

  10. Yes, you can get the 3-4 foot long ones or you can get the screw in type that look like a curly light bulb. How much can you afford to spend on lights right now?
  11. cost is the least of worries its heat i dont want to start a fire in my closet
  12. What are the dimensions of your closet?
  13. CFLs are very low heat. usually the big tubes are even lower.
  14. im not growing in my whole closet just in a box i mand 3 ft high and 2ft wide
  15. For that size space I think I would go with a 250 watt HPS/MH switchable if cost is no issue to you.

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