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  1. This is my first grow...check out my plant!! its a 3 week old bag seed. What should i do next? when should i start to LST or topping?? & how big should i let it get before switching the lighting to 12-12 for flowering?? (also i think that bottom leaf turned yellow because of temps being too HOT...) before i got a thermo. & humidity reader my plants were closing up and turning yellow. Since then, they've open'd back up and are growing GREAT. (i think)

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    dam that looks beautiful u could actually top it now and to flower, well that's up to you!! but allow 2-3 weeks to heal after topping before switching to 12/12.... what light are u using and how much did it cost??

    also... if that is the only plant u got there is a good chance that it will be a male
  3. LST is ideal for a foot tall plant imo. 12/12 I Would recommend you determine that by your lights, if you have a great lighting system you can veg it huge. if not, then flower soon and ull get some potent smoke
  4. theres actually 6 other plants but none are as fully developed as this one. I am using 7 26 w 6500k CFL in a 3 and a half foot tall grow box inside my closet. no plants is taller than 5 inches and i havent used any nutes (this is a old pic) since then ive transplanted all plants to separate pots)

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