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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BDizzle, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. ive smoked the best bud, hashish, and oils. blown coke. popped n snorted xtc & mda. tripped off dxm and shrooms. huffed ether. and ill be getting a prescription for xanax. what else is ther for me to do? not heroin. not crack. not GACK. nothing IV. what else isnt to hard to find?

  2. you need to be the guy that develops IV cannabis. Thats what will make you famous.

    But you didnt mention tons of things; all sorts of painkillers, oxycontin fentantyl dilaudid, some other great benzos, some crazy shit like ketamine, lsd....man theres plenty you can try. METH????
  3. just kidding about the meth by the way
  4. i said no gack. do u kno wut ket is like? or pcp?
  5. I heard kids were gett'n high off of huff'n there own shit:D
  6. yeah, you gotta do jenkem, can't forget that one.
  7. hahah yea if im ever hurtin enough, haha ew. anyone got any personal ketamine experiences to share? or oxy experiences?
  8. ketamine, ahhh yes.
    been through a few grams of this stuff. it made an alright opiate substitute since it's IVable.

    low doses are euphoric and you feel sloppy, kind of drunken-like.
    higher doses glue you to the couch.

    it can be quite psychedelic, I've had strange lucid dreams on it, its also quite strange in that I've blacked out on it and trashed my room, smashed shit etc
  9. Mescaline and LSD. :wave:
  10. Lucy in the sky with diamonds :hippie:
  11. LSD, DMT, Oxycontin, Ketamine, 2c-x, DOB...just to name a few.
  12. I agree sploo... research chems my man, definitely something in the 2c family would rock your socks.

    But your list is missing some crucial ones like the others pointed out..gotta try dmt if you get a chance.

  13. I've took a ride or 12 on the oxy train. Its great, there's some days id rather do and oxy than get high. Oxy will give you a good buzz and you feel like your getting enveloped in a sea of warm bliss I guess is the best way to describe it. Like a blanket of euphoria over your body, love it with some chill music. The downside is oxy's can become highly addictive. I only do them once every other week or so because of this. I would suggest some oxy's definitely.

    Something else to look into is suboxone, its to keep you off opiates so dont mix it with any. Alone though sub's are a good buzz that last for hours.

    Happy adventures!
  14. salvia ha.

    you can trip off nutmeg.

    smoke some opium

    mmm ill think of more later im sure!
  15. ketamine is a disassociative. quite an interesting experience.

    and i shouldn't go into how much i love blowing oxy. gotta keep my mind off that shit.
  16. Nitrous.
    You can just buy it at target.com

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