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  1. Hi all, i don't know if any of you remember me from back in the day, but if so, hi!
    The reason i'm posting is that i'm looking into the possibility of finding a better way to toke conveniently using some of the new tech for e-cigs, vapes, and such for dry herb.   I'm old school, glass, lighter, and some green in my pocket is how i roll now, but seeing the convenience of e-cigs and concentrates, i want to find a setup for dry herb that would offer similar convenience.
    At work i take a few smoke breaks to stop pain, cramps and spasms and it'd be nice if i could step outside, take a pull or two, and get right back to business without lighters and wind and all that noise of sparking a bowl.   I don't have steady reliable access to concentrates but i've got plenty of that good ol' green hairy stuff.
    So, does anything really work well enough to be worth it as far as dry herb burners?   Something that would vape would be nice, but not necessary.   I'm more interested in the form factor of the e-cig, i want something that works similar for the sake of on-demand hits.
    If there's nothing available commercially, i can build one myself, but if there's already an elegant solution that works well, then i'm interested.
    So, are there any dry herb burners that would fit my needs yet, or do i have to invent it?
    Thanks in advance! 

  2. Sorry whats your budget, do you need stealth, vapor quality, efficiency? From there, I can give you a better answer. Arizer air has gotten some good reviews. The firefly also. Do you want to vape or burn, it is quite different. Most of the ecigs on the market will be more of an electric pipe, they are primarily meant for concentrates. In general, either of the 2 I mentioned will be good performers, otherwise, I would check out the Vaporizers section, and ask @Iwien, with details, he will give you an answer. It is recommended to do some base research on your own too. 
  3. I know this is probably cliche however I do reccomend the G-Pen. It's kind of pricy but they do have disposable pens for dry herb that are literally only 20 bucks a pop and they're quite good in quality. The varieties differ too but for the most part this is the best pen I know out there. 
  4. Look into a mcig. They are now like $15 for the newest version. I got the first version last year and it still works great. Its described as a vape but it combusts so its an electronic joint and im more than happy with that. Works great and battery life is awesome (ive accidentally left mine on for a week a couple of times and it still had battery life.
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    I'm looking for a unit that'll get it into me when I hit it, either combustion or vape, as long as it's durable and reliable to load up and keep in my pocket.

    I've been researching pens and vapes but I want to get an idea of what others might be using. I heard lots of pen type things are crap for dry herb so I want to start with some reasonable unit instead of a piece of crap that will just frustrate.

    Budget doesn't matter, a good unit is going to cost whatever it costs, I care about quality and will spend what I need for the right tool for the job. There's nothing I hate more than cheap disposable stuff and the waste of resources that goes into it all.

    I don't need stealth as much as I need a quick hit, my main concern is speed. Nobody's cares if I'm out back blazing one, I just want to fix my old broken ass up quick and get back into the game faster than I can now.

    A friend tonight recommended a cloutank, anybody have experience with it?

    Thanks again for posting and keep the suggestions coming!
  6. Excellent answer thanks. It's excellent you have some leg work done, and that you may be willing to spend a bit more for a quality product.


    I think this may suit your needs well. I'm not overly experienced with it, but it is fast and tastes clean. I used one this morning. My buddy got one 3 days ago, he's like a kid eating too many pixy stix with how excited he is with it.
  7. Sounds like you could use a MFLB! It's not long and pen-like, rather a small wooden box that can fit in the palm of your hand. It gives on-demand vapour and has no long heat-up times - you can get vapor within 5 seconds of engaging the battery.
  8. I have a cheap glass globe off ebay.  It works fine but the durability isnt' great due to it being glass.  Mine has a crack on the bottom and I had to tape around it to keep it together.  
    My friend just got a Micro G Pen, it's a pretty snazzy unit, and I think he actually got two with the kit from amazon for like 60 dollars.  Something I'll be looking into buying soon.  
    My globe works right now but I just want something more stealthy and durable.  A good oil pen is a must have, it's so easy to medicate, and stealthy, easy to use, all of it.  I love my pen.  It's a must have for skiers or people that work outdoors, I use mine at the mountain all the time.  No more worrying about remembering a lighter and then getting it to work in the wind and cold.  
  9. I got a chance that look at the suggested units this morning, the firefly looks slick! It just vapes though right?

    The g pen does combustion well?

    I think I really want combustion over vape but the option to do either with adjustable temp would be nice. Is there anything with a vape\\burn switch?
  10. No. Gpen combusts due to poor design.
  11. Okay. So what is good as a burner then?
  12. This is what you are looking for. I have it and it's awesome. I know it doesn't look like much but a 5 minute tutorial on how to hit it and you won't ever look back. It's by far the best way to toke when your away from home and a nice piece of glass. The MFLB vapes as long as you use it correctly.

    P.s. MFLB = magic flight launch box

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  13. I use an ecig, one that can be twisted for variable volts. I find that the oil sticks they sell at the dispensaries, vape best at 4.0 volts.
    I use this oil on my vape pen at work, only the stoners know it's cannabis, everyone assumes it's nicotine vape.
    I love technology, imagine going back 20 or 30 years and showing people a vape pen, of even a scientific oil rig with quality wax, you'd be a cannabis god.
    Imagine what 20 years into the future holds for us?
    isn't it meant to?
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    Thanks again for the replies everyone!

    The mflb looks cool in function but it also looks unwieldy for a pocket device with the boxy shape and protruding push battery. It's also something I can build for nothing out of my parts bin and a repurposed chunk of firewood. I've built similar units from altoids tins before.

    I really want a good combustion burner in a more convenient form like the pen, or even something more "traditional" like an electric chillum or e-spoon if such things exist, do they?

    I got another enthusiastic thumbs up from a friend for the cloutank and I can get one locally. I might start there, and maybe once I get a good idea of what I like and don't about it I'll start modding it and building my own based on experience.

    What is the ceramic used in dry coils, is it silicon carbide?
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    For burning, it doesn't get better than glass and a lighter.

    If all you care about is speed then just stick to what you have. You will spends lots of time packing the ecig everytime not to mention the nasty smell/taste that will build up in it.

    Even after 10 years, the best way to smoke weed is still to simply smoke it.

    If you want to vape then spend the money otherwise, keep flicking that bic

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  17. i head the cloud is the best n g pens r good too but there are alot of fakes being sold
  18. Right on! I think next week I'll try to get a cloutank from the local vape store and start there.

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