Whats my strain?

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  1. Its just bag seed but i was wondering if it looks like anything
    you guys know?
    or just opinions?
    Theres More pictures here

  2. there really is no way to tell what it is unless you got it from a seed bank imo. even if it was a bagseed where some dealer was like oh son its that afgahn kush you really cant take their word for it. my recommendation would be to look at a lot of strains until you can see some that look similar maybe during budding/veg. ive been trying to identify my bag seed and i am convinced its white widow but its still vegging so i dont know if its gonna look the same once my flowering takes effect. there really is no way of knowing though so im just gonna call my shit "chronic" until one day when maybe ill cross it with some champagne ive started, then i can just name it myself :D
  3. Looks a lot like the bag seeds I've been growing. I grew the old ones with CFL's, so they weren't as nice. But I smartened up and joined the HID world.
    Anyways, my guess is Strawberry Cough from Green House Seeds. I saw my old dealers plants before he gave me the bag seeds and they are a dead look a like.
    Just a guess....

    May I add Kudos on the grow. Plants look wicked awesome.
  4. the best way to tell is to just mail it to me and ill keep smoking on it till I can come up with something, might need to send like an once.......... lol.......... no way of telling man, bag seed so prolly crossed with something or possible hermie so just give her a name :)
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    haha excellent man
    i was kinda thinking of "Ginger Beard" cause i do in fact have a beard thats slight ginger lol
    I do know this is like mostly if not all Indica and its awesome, Iv been sleeping so well with this stuff
    I think from the feed back iv been getting its probably some of if not the best stuff you can get around here in feb ;)
    Here is a couple dry nugs, more pictures here

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