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    So, this is where I'm at. I started germing the seed on the 17th. I potted the plant into Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting soil (N-P-K = 0.1-0.05-0.05) on Nov 20th. (There has been controversy over MG products, but I couldn't find any scientific reason not to use it. Besides, it's cheap). I kept a humidity dome on the seedling for the first 3 days in the soil. Additionally, I have had a 26W 5000K cfl light ~5 inches above it (see picture) so that I can encourage the cotyledons to begin photosynthesis. The light has been on 24/7 along with a fan to blow fresh air across the plant and keep the temperature from getting too high. My temps have ranged from 75F to 87F averaging 83F basically the entire time. I know this temperature range is a bit high, but cooling is an issue I'm still trying to solve.

    I think my lady is a little bit small for being about a week old now (Today is day 9 of my grow). Should I still have the humidity dome on? Is it time to start adding nutes when I water? Am I over/under watering, or is it a bad idea to have a fan blowing directly on my plant at all times?

    EDIT: Had the NPK ratio wrong (actual: 0.1-0.05-0.05, typo: 0.1-0.5-0.5)

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  2. IMHO you answered yourself. MG is crap soil, that will burn young seedlings. If your serious about growing, make the investment, and get new soil. Check out the second link in my signature.

    Also - it does look real wet, had you just watered? do you have proper drainage holes?
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    I did just water actually. The fan has been drying the soil pretty quickly. It's never dry to the point that it's crusty, but I'm concerned that if the young taproot dries out that it's all over. I poked 4 holes in the bottom of the cup as well as slitting it with a knife to make a + on the bottom. Additionally, I poked holes in the sides of the cup toward the bottom to allow for more gas exchange.

    As for the MG, this is just my first grow with bagseed. I was hoping to get a little practice before investing in some more serious stuff. MG Organic Choice doesn't have the time-release nutes that MG is notorious for. It contains poultry litter, sphagnum and bits of bark. I added 20% perlite to the mixture for aeration.

    I use Cannabis to treat anxiety, and anxiety is exactly what I'm feeling right now over my plant. I just want to get her into veg, at least then she'll be a bit more robust and I relax a bit.
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    Here is a quote from my blog.

    "So you have finally decided to grow. Congratulations, and welcome to the world of raising cannabis.It's a wonderful experience, with amazing fulfillment, and lots of dank buds!

    Your probably thinking that sense this is your first grow, you should keep the costs as little as possible. Get cheap soil at wal-mart, get a few CFL lights, and get a cheap bottle of plant food.


    Just because it is your first grow, doesnt mean that you should get cheap, insufficient growing materials.

    My first grow I chose to go all out, and just make the investment early, because I knew that once I started growing, I would never stop. I couldn't have been happier with my choice, because I grew some dank, dank cannabis.

    The only reason that I would suggest doing a CFL grow, is an HPS system just isnt plausible with your growing conditions."

    If you dont plan on continuing growing, then by all means dont go out and buy a bunch of nice equipment. But if this is something you are serious about, and are tired of paying the absolute ridiculous street prices for marijuana ... dont skimp out. even if it is your first grow. I produced amazing results, and so could you. I mean, its a very simple process, it really is. And you have thousand of people here on GC willing to lend you a hand any way they can.
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    :(I guess I can't afford to grow since the start up cost is too high. Sounds like I should cut my losses where I am now since MG Cannabis cultivation is literally impossible. Needless to say that my day is ruined :( I knew my hopes were too high. I just saw everyone else having good luck and having fun and I wanted to play too. Good luck to other growers. I think I'll disassemble my grow tonight.

    I dreamed to touch the sky, but all that I did was melt my wax wings in the sunlight.
  6. I wouldnt dissasemble it, and im not saying that you cant have good results with whatever materials you have.

    If the cost is too high, then you have no choice but to go with the setup you have now. I was simply sayign that IF you had the resources to do it, then go for it.

    As for your plant, just let it keep growing, I had a sprout stay liek that for over two weeks before it started growing again. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it still came out to be a beautiful plant in the end.

    Dont give up, the only way your ever goign to know if you can do it, is by trying
  7. :) I don't want to be naive by doing so, but hope is good. Maybe the taproot is still working its way deeper into the soil. I didn't want to cut you down for your suggestion; it's just that living in a nonmedical state sucks because good grow supplies are tougher to find, especially in the winter.

    I'm also hoping that I can get growth with MG and cheap supplies so that I can write an intensive guide for new growers who want to go through the steps to build confidence before investing more seriously in their future grows. Thank you for responding, at least you gave me the facts, even if it's not easy for me to take.
  8. I use MG soil with no problem on my indoor

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