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Whats My Next Step?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasualSmoker024, May 21, 2013.

  1. Got busted blazing in my room just now by my mom. This is the 5th time she's caught me, first time in the act though, usually she just finds my stuff. Thing is, she told me I can have my stash back this weekend, and last time she found my stash she didn't even tell me until like a week later when it came up in an argument, she just left it in place. She doesn't mind me toking as long as it's not on our property, and I'm not doing it alone, which I think is more than fair, though I'll have to pass on not doing it alone, I'll at least cut down on smoking alone, especially at home. Now here's the thing, my dad only knows I've been caught once, but I'm pretty sure he used to smoke, I know that he's tried it on multiple occasions at least. I believe he's only done it a few times since he's had kids, and that was in Amsterdam on a business trip. When I got caught by both my parents he acted fairly upset, but didn't really say too much about it, and I get the impression that he still knows I smoke. Sometimes when I come home he mentions the munchies, and when he gives me cash he asks if it's going to drugs. There was also a time when he walked in as I was just finishing smoking, and he smelled it right away, which both indicates that he knows, and that he's very familiar with the smell. He didn't get upset, didn't snoop around looking for it, just kinda pointed out that I was smoking in there and when I denied it just said alright and left. I kinda wanna talk to both of my parents together and see if I can get my dad on board with a social weekend being allowed to smoke thing. Would take a ton of weight off of my shoulders. What do you guys suggest?

  2. why not try?
    The only issue is that it's him that gives me cash, and if he doesn't approve then I could end up without getting the extra cash I need for bud
  4. Oh yes that would be a problem. Best bet is to keep it on the dl. If they suspect and probably know but havent done anything to stop it then they probably dont care that much. try to be more careful though so they dont catch you anymore.
  5. "Don't ask, don't tell"
  6. thats been repealed son.
  7. When i was a teen i was in a similar situation. What I did was get my mom to sit down with me and come to some form of agreement, and it came to me doing better in school AND smoking weed in my house during the winter, needless to say, I was a happy teenager.
  8. If both of your parents are fine with you smoking, go for it.

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