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what's more important in a bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pistolgrip, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. lets have some votes and some reasons
  2. Well I picked filtration because if you have a good system in the bong, the smoke will be easier to handle than normal enabling you to get higher and also you'd be getting a more pure, much more clearer hit.

    Volume is good too, I would not purchase a bong on this factor only though.
  3. ya filtration for sure. plus the more its being moved around the less time the smoke has to become stale
  4. take a quick enough hit and u should not have to worry about stale smoke... i'd say volume because the whole point of a bong is to take big hits, right? if you want to be technical about it, you're losing thc in the water anyway..
  5. The amount you lose is next to nothing. You also lose thc when you smoke out of anything(resin build up). I chose filtration.
  6. filtration
    i want a smooth hit :D

  7. :confused_2: can i pick both? i like a large smoke gathering space, but i like the smoke to at least be double filtered. like i made a double chamber with two big bottles, and that thing gets me baked, cuz its a shit load of smoke, but i can handle it.
  8. Filtration for sure!

    Here's why:

    One thing I noticed is that most people seem to steer away from the fact that, not only is the bong easier to hit (pussies!), but the smoke is also a LOT cleaner and therefore better for you and your happy lungs!

    Although, inhaling any combusted materials is highly recommended against by anyone with half a brain. With a bong that's less filtered, I guarantee you will notice respiratory degradation much faster.

    What's increasingly weird, though, is the fact that, for some people, smoking Marijuana helps them breathe better. I'm asthmatic and it cures the shit out of me.

    I suppose then, that if any respiratory problems were to arise, you could just smoke more Marijuana...

    Oh man, this is intense. Filtration, for sure. I'm rambling on. Thanks! :bongin:
  9. once you get an ashcatcher and a diffused downstem your good to go. ashcatcher keeps your tube cleaner and a diffuser is just a necessity.
  10. weeds more important in a bong...../pwnage

    *(*(2 to go)*)*

  11. f'tang!!

  12. thc is fat soluble so water doesnt absorb any of it , the flame kills a little but you cant tell the difference
  13. filtration by far, think about it, you can take as big a hit as you want if its smooth, but who wants a big ass harsh it?
  14. filtration hands down
  15. filtration for sure. isn't that the idea of a bong in the first place?
  16. Volume if you care about potency.

    Filtration if you care about smoothness of hit.

    More filtration = less THC, simple physics says so. (condensation)

    Honestly, I like a balance of both, my hit should be filtered just enough (diffusor and ashcatcher or 1 perc is enough), and the volume should be enough to accumulate a fatty.

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