Whats known to be the best weed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pothead846, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Okay so what is suppose to be the absolute best weed to get. I heard that blueberry is the best but I don't know much. Whats ur thought on it?
  2. Diffrent people like diffrent kinds of weed. Some people will like a strain of weed for taste and effects, and another because of how powerful it is.
  3. Best what? Taste, smell, high, yeild, flavor, short, tall, bushy, lanky, potency level, best bargain...... see there's lots of best.

    Even then it all depends on your personal taste.
  4. I would have to put in a vote for Blueberry.. I just picked up 1/4 of this stuff, it smelled sweeter than any weed I've ever smelled before. The taste was perfect and the stone was good and lasted a long time. Probably the best stuff in my book, second going to Jamaican bud. They know how to do their growin', mon!

  5. so far, a cross breed from Purplehaze, white widow, and blueberry strain... bud was giveing to me by a homegirl. tase was frutty, and so was smell... high was a really heavy stone...

    second best for me was whitewidow, also giveing to me by the same female, got me stone, and tase was great, but nothing beat the crossbreed^ so far............
  6. blueberry, ak47, northenlights, and bubblegum are my favourites

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