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whats keef?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnybravo, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. so someone i know said they liked smokeing keef and i just agreed but i dont no what it is.
  2. The crystals on the bud

  3. Why didn't you just ask him what it was instead of trying to look cool and act like you know?


    Kief is the crystaly stuff that comes off of weed when you grind it (in your hands and also in a grinder). It's essentially pure THC, and it gets you very stoned.

    I always pack a fat bowl and sprinkle the leftover kief on top.

    P.S: Are you 18? You don't sound like it. Forgive me for asking.
  4. i am 18. and i didnt ask cause the person i was with was my dealer
  5. Sweet sweet THC.
  6. so u could just smoke a bowl of keef and get really high? but ud need a screen right
  7. Yeah, or put it on top of some bud.
    If you intend on trying it go steady, that stuff's like 0-baked as fuck in seconds.:smoke:
  8. sweet! are there any good grinders cause ive been wanting one but is there any that are better then another or all the same
  9. #10 CUtoker, Nov 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2011
    In general with grinders, you get what you pay for. stick to a sharpstone, crusher, mendo mulched, space case, etc and you'll be good
  10. let me save you some kief,
    if you are using a lighter DO NOT top up the bowl with it.

    simply pack half the bowl,
    throw some on,
    then proceed to pack the other half.

    this way the cherry lights the kief,
    deadly hoots.
  11. LOL
    "i just agreed"

    what are you, a freakin' lemming?
  12. I like that thinking man. Lower temperature and all that.
    Right on.:smoke:
  13. BUMP

    because more people should be aware of this,
  14. Kief = THC crystals.
  15. After reading this, should I be posting in the seasoned tokers thread?
  16. nope,
    you must get 100% on z quiz.

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