What's it like getting a mmj card from a doctor?

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  1. Florida voted on medical marijuana in 2014, however, we lost by 2%. It's going to be on the ballot again this year, so hopefully we will have better results this time ;)

    Anyway, I have to ask how it is getting a card. Being a young adult, I feel judged/labeled by doctors as a drug seeker. One time I went to a walk in clinic with my mom for really bad flight anxiety. As soon as I went in the office and said I was going on a plane in a month, he cut me off and told me he didn't prescribe Xanax, threatened to call the cops on me, ran a background check, then gave me a 20 minute lecture on how he was going to "roast me over an open fire" if I ever abuse drugs. He probably one of the biggest pricks I've ever had the displeasure of meeting, but he prescribed it to me afterwards anyway.

    Do you walk into the doc's office and just say "so I haven't been able to sleep well recently, etc." and they know what you're here for? When I was in CO, I saw doctors on CL advertising for red cards. Do they have doctors specialized in MMJ that pretty much prescribe it no matter what? Just curious
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  2. Idk about Florida, but in California there are MMJ specificity doctors. I've been two two separate places, and both treated me very well and professionally. I felt like they genuinely cared, which was unexpected.

    The first one I went to for migraine, actually ended up specializing in cannabis and migraines. So he got to teach me and tell me a lot of great things.

    I know it's two different states, and it's been out here in CA for a while. But hopefully it puts your mind at ease a little. I too suffer from debilitating anxiety sometimes.

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    It's no big deal here in Colorado.

    Most doctors will not give Mmj cards, so most patients go to the clinics mentioned. You simply go in, take any past medical records though many do not require them, you tell the doctor what is wrong, he does a brief exam, and as long as you have a qualifying condition he approves your medical rec. After that you send the rec form and $15 to the state and wait on your card. Until your card arrives you can use a copy of the docs rec and your mail receipt to the state to shop at med stores.

    You do have to have a qualifying condition here for the doc to legally give you a rec, and anxiety does not qualify in Co.
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  4. I appreciate the replies :). Back in HS I used to just smoke for the effects, but having developed mild tinnitus/insomnia in college, it's almost necessary for me to use it to get to sleep and level myself out emotionally. Hoping 2017 is the year of the herb in FL.
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  5. The dispensaries let you know when their doctor is coming. I get my paperwork from them, bring in my medical records and pay the guy $80. He makes $80 every 10 minutes.
  6. That easy, huh? Hope the east coast has relaxed policies like that :smoke:
    This is off topic, but I see the "60's wild child" tag... I've always wanted to ask this: How has the potency of marijuana evolved over the past 40,50 years or so? To me it seems that today's harvests would be higher quality due to better growing techniques, but I've also seen people say that it was actually a lot better in the 90's. Would you mind informing me? Also, how much more prevalent is marijuana use in todays times... has it changed with all the legalization, or is it roughly the same? @Oregondaisy
  7. I don't think legalizing it changed useage at all. We've had medical cards here for over 10 years.

    the potency is not even comparable to what it was in the 60's. It was mostly from Mexico back then and full of seeds. It wasn't until later they figured out how to separate out the female plants.

    If you want to read a bunch about it, check out the thread "us old farts should stick together" in the seasoned tokers forum. We were all talking about what it was like back then.
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  8. I'll have to check it out, thanks for the reply ;)
  9. Legitimate doctors understand medicine and have no problem giving a patient a physical and recommending cannabis to alleviate the problem of why a doctor visit was necessary. Today, with the FDA approval process for manufactured drugs, designers of these drugs just make a profit pushing more sales of pills, and the only pushers are doctors. The growing epidemic of pain pill abusers is what scares the legitimacy out of medical practice, especially in Florida, capital of doctored crime for victims of drugs.
  10. I had shingles last year . After receiving my taxes, I got my medical records showing that I had shingles. Went to one place which turned me down because my record was 15 days too old and I didnt have a piece of paper signed by a doctor saying that I had pain from nerve damage. Went to another place handed over my reocrds paid 150 state 175 doctor. Saw the doc card is in the mail. AZ location
  11. Here in California is pretty easy and not intimidating at all. When you first go get it, you might be nervous but after your done, you will be like that's it? I've gotten my MMJ card twice and both times I got in and out with the doctor in less than 10 mins. The waiting time to see the doctor is more than the actual meeting. To me getting a MMJ isn't worth it and is only good unless you get pulled over by the cops but other than that it's useless to me cause I only smoke flowers and every dispensary around me charges up the ass price for those.
  12. Lmao that doctor was actually trying to do you a favour by giving you so much shit.
  13. Because it never pays off to do things the legal way. Avoid taxation and represent your money how you want, don't give the MAN your hard earned dollars! Having dispensary access is beneficial to people who take advantage of it, even if a concurrent black market economy still thrives.
  14. Could you give me some examples of dispensary prices? I know recreational is taxed to hell, and I've heard people paying up to $20/g and $60/8th. I'm sure that's for top tier herb though, but that's what I was paying when I was 15 living in the FL panhandle, and assumed people were just taking advantage of me being so young and naïve... lmao.

    Currently I'm paying $10-12/g flat, half is $120, O is $200-220 depending on the tier I buy ($10 stuff is good, $12 is killer for an illegal state). Occasionally I grab shake for $5, it has the potential to get me ripped, just have to smoke more. I generally have 2-6 strains to choose from, but honestly I'd pay a little more for some real California Trainwreck, and just for the ease of access/experience of buying it.

    I was really baked at the University of Alabama, and I had a 30 minute conversation with this guy (who my friend later described as the ultimate cock-block), and he said it was $5-6 a g where he lives in Colorado, but he doesn't smoke.
  15. The best deal you will find in CA medical collectives for TOP SHELF is $10 gram. Anything else this is priced lower is not top shelf IME.
  16. My dispensary is usually anywhere from 10-25 a g

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  17. It's not about the level of the shelf, more the location of the dispensary. Supply and demand state simple rules for distribution, and locality of given resources lowers or raises the price.

    As a general rule of thumb, medical dispensary prices as compared to recreational shops will be roughly 50% less expensive for the same exact product that gets taxed due to new laws for 21+ recreational status. Wording will tell you how much you save, like donation vs price.

    There is no standard metric scaling to prices, as all locations are subject to differ, but many agreements on 1g of dispensary would be $10 at dispensary, and $20 at recreational, because taxes and implementation of shop.
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  18. Most everything here is $10 a gram and they add 25% on if you are recreational not medical.
  19. FL, may get medical this year but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to get. Gonna be regulated and super controlled if you don't have the debilitating diseases that they have on the list, getting a cards gonna be hard for anxiety etc.

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