whats it feel like? to go through parachute failure

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. how is that possible?
  2. i think its fake.
    i didn't spot any link to a news article or anything.
  3. There's no fuckin way you can jump out of a plain at 15,000ft and live to tell about it. Terminal velocity I believe is 120 for a human.. There's no way he can survive the impact. If he did... Where is the video that he was talking about? :rolleyes:
  4. huh!? you dont fall that far and not die, or else people jumping off buildings would survive all the time.....

    im also pretty sure landing on a bush wouldnt do much of anything to help you
  5. I think I agree with this.
  6. Alright, alright. It's possible but I still want to see the video before I believe he survived from landing on a bush.
  7. yeah i was going to put that in there too, but its a little different being she was inside the plane still.
  8. sounds fishy but why would you lie about it, and why would they put it on msn.com if it wasn't true?
  9. just look in the world record book its in there
  10. Id have to see it to believe it.:smoking:
  11. I watched a medical show once about this happening to someone. Pretty incredible.
  12. it's not fake; I know the guy's cousin (he was in my US Government class last year, no joke).

    crazy experience. he must thank god every day that he's alive
  13. it's hard to beleive. I knew a guy in the special forces who jumped from a helicopter maybe a little less than 100 ft up. His chute didn't deploy and he landed on his legs. He survived and was in a full body cast for about 8 months. When he got out I think he lost like a foot of height because his bones just crumbled.
  14. I think its funny so many people doubt this.

    You can be struck by lightning and survive- thats 300,000,000 volts at 30,000 amps and live to tell about it.

    But surviving a failed parachute- thats hard to believe????

    Come on, the human body is amazing in some ways.

    And the video for all the doubters

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    And it was not terminal velocity- he had resistance of the two failed chutes.
  15. Thank you Cheeba. I was just about to post that. There are dozens are documentations of parachuters surviving freefalls from all sorts of elevations.
  16. Fuck that shit.

    I aient bout going to high places (unless its that herb ya herd). Anyways, Fuck heights, Fuck flying, Fuck skydiving, Fuck all that.

    And fuck scuba diving, Fuck swimming period hahah. Naa, Ill get up in a pool or something maybe man. But fuck the ocean.

    I cant swim, Fuck that shit.

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