What's It Costing You To Fill The Car Up?

Discussion in 'General' started by killeroo, May 11, 2011.

  1. Morning Fellow GC potheads,

    Well it has just cost me £103 to fill up my car this morning :eek: and then saw this article regarding US fuel prices etc

    BBC News - Why are Americans so angry about petrol prices?

    So what I was going to ask - if the US had to pay the same price for gas as the rest of Europe what would happen?

    Would the country go bust?
  2. about the same for my jag but 150ish to fill oz omega's tank!
  3. I pay $60 to fill up my car and I get about 325 miles... V8 blah.

    Anyway, yes our country would be fucked.
  4. We already are fucked.
  5. £150 bloody hell - that's the old jags for you lol

  6. about 60-70 $ to fill up my explorer with about quarter tank left...:devious:
  7. $54.00. I need to ride a fucking bike.
  8. So $60 which is about £40 I think and you get over 300 miles from a V8 -not bad at all, so you would be fairly pissed off if it started to cost you say $150 like me then?? :D

    ps I love this quote from the paper - "Americans are not aware of what the rest of the world pays for gas. We are a very big, inward-looking domestic market. We don't watch soccer, we don't watch French movies and we don't really care what the Europeans pay for their gas.''

    Is this true guys??

  9. Europe has a large gasoline tax, the Us doesnt.. imo get an all electric vehicle and put solar panels on your roof. this way you can power your car from the sun.
  10. Our country would be way fucked I think. Which is
    why everyone's worried about it...

    Usually it took 20 bucks to fill up my car, now it's
    40 or more...that shit really busts the wallet if you're
    driving a lot. I honestly don't know how around the
    world it's more expensive than it is here.

    That just sounds insane.

    Us Americans shouldn't bitch...but maybe Europe
    should bitch some more to get those prices down...

    Shiiit idk....FUCK OIL.
  11. it's the omega with the big tank and poor mpg the jag's no as bad about 25 mpg in the big cat! 15 in the vauxhall,
  12. Fuck that I'd sell my car. But like the other guy said not as much taxes. It's probably not as bad for you guys either because you're not in debt for wanting to educate yourself or say getting sick.
  13. That is a very true statement for most Americans.

    I am personally very very upset of our lack of interest in learning other individuals cultures and languages. The bulk of society has the mentality that if you want to communicate with us learn our way(this probably holds true across the board). I am personally a huge football fan and have much desire to expand my learning experiences so that I may be a worldly citizen... but I have been called crazy numerous times.
  14. That's because in America if you're not a white American you're a Muslim communist. As if either of those things are bad, but i digress.
  15. I have spent a lot of time in the US and personally love the country and most of the people but what I have found is that many people who I have met just don't travel or have a very good understanding of anything else that happens outside the US.

    An example - A few years ago I will in a bar just off central park having a beer and talking to the barman, anyway this guy comes up to me and says, 'Where are you from?, your accent is funny', so I reply 'London', he then gives me this strange look, and says quote - 'London....hum, is that in Europe or something?'

    I was like WTF, the guy was fucking serious as well

  16. Guaranteed. A lot of my people (Americans) don't know jack about their own country or its history.
  17. Well I think that's a real shame :smoke:

  18. Traveling is extremely expensive as is the lifestyle that many wish to chase which I view to be pointless. Manchester City! Whenever I am in NYC I always meet individuals from European countries and do my best to represent America in the best possible way... Generally means buying a round and swapping stories on progressive America not those whom live in the dark.
  19. 40 to fill my tank, but my question is not about wat americans will do when gas goes up, but what will we do with the millions of cars that will be useless in 20 years when there is no gas to go around, i mean fuck thats a lot of scrap.

    im american, our society sucks, cnt wait to get out of school and travel.
  20. I know man, we have a rich, unique history too.

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