What's is wrong with them

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  1. Couple people already helped me.out making sure it wasn't root rot and also checked my self.to make sure, they were right. So what could be the problem. IMG_20190815_162947222.jpg IMG_20190815_162938018.jpg IMG_20190815_162930933.jpg IMG_20190815_162926638.jpg IMG_20190815_162922981.jpg IMG_20190815_162916732.jpg

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  2. pH, cal-mag deficiency, nute burn.... Could be one could be a mix of one or more of the three. But it looks like burn to me.

    What is your ph? Have you fed? What kind of medium?

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  3. I'm using Alaskan nutrients and putting 3 teaspoons per gallon. It says 5-1-1. Should I go more or less or change completely?

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  4. I can't say with full confidence. I would just stick to a good thorough pH'd watering and see where it goes from there. I wouldn't introduce any new elements, including feed, until you figure this out. If you are newer to growing please do yourself a favor and read these stickies:

    PH and what it means for your plants

    All About Lighting

    How Light is Measured & Lighting Spectrum and Photosythesis

    Essential Plant Nutrients

    Beginners Guide To Get You Started In Growing Cannabis

    Plant abuse chart

    Freakbro's Pest and Plant pit stop

    Index for Freak's Pest & Plant Pitstop

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  5. I'd go with a lack of light, lack of leaves, it looks like the plant has been sprayed with something, do you have pests? One of the photos look like spider mites. Are you watering thoroughly?
    As you have stripped most of the leaves off it's hard to diagnose as they are the things that project what is wrong with the plant
  6. 3 teaspoons of the Fish Fert by Alaskan right.......dude 3 is too much. I use only 1 teaspoon per gallon and PH to 6.5......

    Also the bloom by Alaskan I use 1/2 tsp, then 1 tsp then 2 tsp. Never use what the bottle states. Lay off the nuts and give nuts only 1 a week.

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