whats in your wallet?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xACExbongzilla, May 29, 2009.

  1. me:

    my drivers liscense and my school id

    a trojan ultra thin

    and a 100 sheet booklet of top rolling papes
  2. plastic cards and pieces of green paper with numbers on them

    oh, and rolling papers
  3. hate to carry wallets. the huge bulge in my back pocket annoys the shit out of me. plus you lose it, and your fucked.

    money clips for the record.
  4. Hmm, old school ID, Old bus pass, 95 bills,rolling papers and 3-6 old movie tickets,
  5. license, registration, insurance

    debit card
    AAA card
    voter registration
    health insurance card
    lids club membership card
    BJS wholesale club member card
    picture of my dog
    college ID to a college i quit going to\
    member card to a local store

    and 21$

    thats alot of shit in my wallet
  6. Wrong forum. There's also a thread exactly like this in General I believe.

  7. doubt it. plus just because there isn t hard drugs in the thread doesnt mean its not box worthy. some people have some unnaceptable taboo shit in there wallets.
  8. This your's--->[​IMG]???

  9. actually, this subject (what's in one's wallet) comes up every now and again in general

    but fuck, they never last long, and contents of wallets change frequently, so i see no problem
  10. 63$
    organic raw papers
    kangaroo pouches papers
    drivers license
    random card used for snorting things lol
    multiple buiness cards(my mma gym, boxing gym, random weed ones i got from love fest)
    a couple lucky chineese fortunes
    a broken toothpick
  11. Capital One. What's in your wallet?

    Cash, all my bank,credit,license,etc. cards(way too many!), razor, Element papers
  12. 2 magazine articles, no cash, a spare garage key, and state ID
  13. 2 bits of string
    cap gun ammo....
  14. 97 bucks counselers card plastic card old high school i.d. card.
  15. Voter Registration Card
    SS Card
    Bank Card
    paper with numbers
    Insurance Card
    Blood Donor card
    1/2 of $1 bill
    Food Lion Card
    CVS Card
    NORML Freedom Card :D
  16. $400, license.
  17. wow?
    no one has a razor blade in their wallets? Lol [maybe im just a wierdo]
    credit card
    state id
    friend's old ID (to buy alchohal, only 19)
    gym pass
    never know when ur gonna need to chop [^.-]
    cheap rolling paper and 3 fresh baggies.
    oh and 1 baggy with screens for mah pipe.
  18. 10$
    A Vans "Don't get emo" sticker
    A ticket stub for my sister's graduation last week.
    Kaiser card
    2 atm cards
    Public transit card
    Haagen Dazs 20% off card
    American eagle outfitters card thing
    2 dollar bill (Not included in the 10$ cuz i won't spend it
  19. I.D.
    Spencer's underground card
    a condom
    pack of zig zags
    a joints worth of bud(I always keep a lil extra in there)
    Dealer's number
    and like 70 bucks.

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