Whats in Your Wallet!?

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. No, this isnt a visa commercial, i just want to know... whats in your wallet??? mine has:

    really old condom
    drivers liscence
    Zig Zags
  2. Ummm...I gots...$15.00, a key, a Visa, two gift cards, a condom, and a couple phone numbers....
  3. Lets see... In order of importance!!!
    Condom.. Always be prepared!
    Bass 88mm pick and reg guitar pick.. Never know when you are going to rock!!!
    Phone #s.. Numbers I have collected from girls when I work
    $463.12.. FREAKING POT MONEY
    Library Card.. Gotta loves me some reading
    Driver's Lisense.. Yes I am 18, sir.. Now give me my porn and cigarettes, bitch.
    Social Security Card..
    Debit Card.. Money I can't see
    Credit Card.. Credit = Satan

    Ohh! Ohh! and my lucky charm, Funky Fish.
  4. My wallet has this in it:

    Old train tickets
    About £3
    empty dodgies
    Game card (dunno why, i dont play games, lol)
    and a lighter
  5. $2
    Debt Card
    hunting/snomobiling/boating saftey shit
    Royal Card (schools sell to make money, has like 50% at resturants and stuff like that)
    school ID
  6. In order of importance

    Picture of my woman
    Drivers license
    Debit card
    $87 bucks (not for long)
    Phone numbers
    Buisness cards
    SS card
    Racing license (thats right!)
    Visa gift card (20 bucks)
    Dave and Busters arcade card (10 bucks currently on it)
    School ID
  7. I dont have a wallet any more I lost it years ago and have never got around to buying a new one.

    But I do have a story about my wallet and licence,
    I went to strip joint ages back like 2 years ago and was really drunk I got in there and it was all good left the place and went somwhere else they have asked for some I.D im like no probs just get it out of my wallet hang on what its not in there so I thought the doorman at the other place never gave my I.D back so I went there he said he doesnt have it so now im like shit no id. So I went home thinking I dont have any id and I couldnt do anything till I got a new one. Well about a year passed and I still havent got a new id. One day I was stoned and really hungry looking through my wallet and I pulled out my id no shit it was in my wallet the whole time.

    I went to concerts and couldnt get in. heaps of bars I couldnt get in to true story.

    now my id is gone taken by the cops cuz it is expierd so now I have a passport for id and no wallet maby ill get on this year
  8. $140
    debit card
    jamaican hemp papers
    pre paid credit card
    movie rental card
    NFL season schedule
    insurance card
    social security card
  9. $51 (Hells yes! Pot and cigs!)
    Pictures of friends
    2003 Baltimore Football Schedule
    ATM Card
    Credit card
    Blood Donor Card
    Old Far Side comic
    Grocery Store Bonus Card
    Chinese Food Discount card (Save on munchies!)
    Gift Cards
    Music Club Card
    Hot Topic Discount Cards
    Phone Number

    I gotta clean this thing out...
  10. lol i win!!!

    all i got in mine is my bank card and some change

  11. $0
    some change
    A ton of gift cards to various stores
    bussines cards
    a history channel membership card (i didn't ask for it, it just came)

    And my favorite thing. A picture of me giving the finger and on the back is written, "To whomever stole my wallet."

    Condoms? I try not to keep it in there, they always get messed up.

  12. LMAO! thats brillient, random card rule
  13. "a history channel membership card (i didn't ask for it, it just came)"

    ^^don''t know how to do the quote thing, but it doesnt matter if you did ask for it, history channel rocks! go history!


    about $20
    Drivers Liscence
    About 40 movie ticket stubs
    National German Honor Socirty Card(weird!)
    Library card
    probably more things, but its upstairs, and upstairs is TOO far away!

  14. hahahaha, i think i'm gonna do that tommrow, fuckin genious :D
  15. Holy cow! A 20 and 3 singles!!

    Hrm.. what else...

    Operator License - State of Michigan
    Hollywood Video membership card
    Wells Fargo membership card (hrm.. I really need to close that account and get my $3.11 back)
    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan PPO membership card
    Marathon credit card (mom's "extra" card, for emergencies)
    ValueRx prescription card
    Progressive "if you have an accident" card

    That's one pocket... what's in the other one?

    My ATM card
    Speedway Coffee Club card (woo! 3 more cups and I get a free one!)
    tel3.com calling card
    My custom made card with pizza place addys and phone #s on one side, and some specific metric conversions (i.e. how many grams in 1/8 oz.) on the other side
    Video City membership card

    Sheesh, that's a lot of shit in my wallet.
  16. Let's see....

    1 $20 bill
    3 $1 bills
    my Permit (I never got around to getting my license =P)
    my School ID
    a $30 gift card to Barnes and Noble
    4 gift cards to Century Theaters

    That's it.

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