Whats in your smoking "kit"

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  1. I was just wondering what everyone takes with them to smoke. I guess I'm the boyscout of toking and try to be prepared for everything.
    My Kit
    -22 inch double peculated yellow label ZOB
    -ash catcher
    -small notch grinder
    -2 lighters
    -glass screens
    -metal pokers
    -glass herb jar
    -herb (obvious?)
    -cup for filling bong
    -papers (just in case)
    -travel sized febreeze

    All of this is in a Valtra bag with a shoulder strap and the ash catcher is inside another Valtra bag that fits into the first one.
  2. Right now I got:
    a pipe
    1 lighter
    zig zag papers
    a pack of prime time mini cigars, just like smoking a blunt with a black and mild. i love these things
    thats about it..
  3. Well, I'm usually just smoking in my apartment... if I go anywhere I bring minimal stuff, usually just a one hitter and a lighter.

    At my apartment, we have this HUGE walk in closet that we converted into a kind of smoking room... it's got a sweet couch, coffee table and tv with PS2 and movies and such. It's great.

    my usual checklist of stuff I get ready before going into the room(still need to figure out a name for that room, suggestions are welcome) is:

    -At least 3 lighters(that shit runs out, ya feel?)
    -Herb, of course
    -Probably about 3-4 water bottles per person(also use some water for the bong)
    -Dental tool(use it to scrape bowls of ash and such)
    -Computer(always have to have tunes or something going)
    -incense(for the mood :smoke::smoke::smoke: )

    *me and my friends are fiends, and don't just smoke a bit and chill... when we smoke we're like SMOKING the entire time. So we bring a bunch of devices, as well as papers and such so that we can pick and choose what we want to use(rhymed)

    and that's about it.
  4. weed, visine, papers, lighter, scale

    + grinder
  5. Weed
    a few cigars
    smaller tools for cleaning the pipe
    blunt straws
  6. I'm pretty new so:

    Rohto eye drops
    I think that's it
  7. yeah i got weed, small bong, papers, visine, and some really good grape primetime mini cigars all in this messenger bag, its great
  8. stealth smoke kit:
    stealth bowl
    4 lighters
    2 things of Naphcon A (one of the best eye drops IMO)
    g of bud
    body spray

    in my "surplus" kit:
    more packs of papers
    atleast a dozen blunt wraps/dutches
    more matches, lighters, and eye drops (naphcons and rohtos)
    the rest of my bud

  9. thats bad ass. i'm deffinitly going to have to do that next year
  10. if i'm goin out: lighter, weed, blunt(s).

    if i'm at the crib, i got this under my desk in a shoe box: weed, sploof, bubbler, lighters, a bunch of bags full of schwag from previous eighths
  11. all I need is green, a lighter and a bong
  12. weed
  13. whenever I go out I bring one of my three glass bowls, my aluminum 3 chamber grinder, a bic, and some bud if I can. that's pretty much all I need to get a good day going.

    at home, add in a sploof :p
  14. Lighter
    Papes.. just blues.
    112 grams of bud [QP] :smoke::smoke: .. will have pics up soon :)
    48 grams of hash
    5.5 grams of keif

  15. weed, pipe, lighter...sometimes papers or scale
  16. Im Newish to smoking so...

    3 Lighters
    Eye Drops
    Pipe Screens
    Pipe Filters
    Razor Blade
    Axe Spray
    A Little Felt Baggy I Store The "Essentials" In To Grab N' Go


    Rolling Paper
    Cigarette Roller
  17. yeah i mostly only smoke in my apartment too, so if i leave ill roll a J or 2. but i keep my kit in a wooden box

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  18. Lighter (lightin up)
    Glass chillumm (for usual)
    One hitta! (for the dankness)
    Poker (pokes and clears)
  19. I just keep all my stuff in my little blacklight room. Thats an 18" illadelph (red) with a roor a/c and custom el hefe bowl. Then I have my sharpstone grinder and and half ounce 420 jar. Currently I am smoking no name dank haze.

    My blacklight room is pretty sick though. It's about the size of a small bathroom but it's attached to my bedroom and if you go into the room there is another door leading into the attic. In the room is a wood floor with a surfboard rug and i have a sick like dome chair that I bong in. Theres this little table below the window and a small little stool. Over the window I have a bob marley jamacain flag and across the room (about 2 and a half feet) i have a narrow bookshelf with my sound system on it. Next to the bookshelf i keep my guitar case which I keep my bong and SSV in. Of course i have a black light and my grow room is in my attic so it is pretty convenient. It's my hangout basically. Peace:smoke:
  20. vapor brothers vaporizer
    a whip
    a tight vac container
    a glass container
    a 4 piece metal grinder
    a small bubbler like device to hydrate my vapor hits
    and of course weed (juicy fruit at the moment)

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