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What's in YOUR smoker's kit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by meekmillMMG, Aug 1, 2012.

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    If you have a smoker's kit show it off :cool:

    Pictures are preferred.

    Here's mine:


    -Glass pipe-Whenever I'm low on weed or in the mood to smoke a bowl
    -Card-To get all the grinded weed into a nice pile
    -tooth pick container-store my stems that I collect (sometimes also my buds, but the buds are in a small bag of course)
    -Small stick-sometimes useful as a packer
  2. There's two threads about this already.
  3. My smoker kit consists of the following.

    1. A backpack
    2. A towel
    3. Spare Hoody
    4. A Lung (Nickname FRANK)
    5. Bottle Bong (Nickname Black Betty)
    6. Amber Leaf 12g packet (Comes with Tobacco and Papers)
    7. Weed
    8. Grinder

    Relatively new to weed. But im thinking of adding a pillow to my kit.
  4. Since I'm just starting up again this is all I have

    -Blue pipe
    And I always have eydrops and gum with me whenever I smoke now, I'll try and post pics shortly

  5. It's a good kit to start with, that's how I started too :D :cool: Eyedrops and gum is smart to have to, I'll have to add that to mine too! :smoke:
  6. Right now, I'm rockin:

    -Two glass bongs (not really in the kit, but in the kit ;))
    -Sherlock pipe (attachment to connect bong bowls to)
    -Black grinder
    -Razor blade (multiple uses)
    -RAW papers
    -MF Launch Box
    and -An empty 10-pill-holding Advil container (for ground up bud)

    Will take a picture tonight and post it :)
  7. - Pipe
    - Weight scale
    - Apple flavoured rolling papers
    - Raw rolling papers
    - 2 blueberry blunt wraps
    - 2 lighters, one clipper with ganja leaf, one normal electric
    - 3 piece plastic grinder with ganja leaf on top
  8. - Eye drops
    - Sunglasses

  9. Sounds like a f*cking amazing kit, please do not forget the pics! :smoke:
  10. -Bong

    Thats about it:D
  11. -Glass pipe
    -Rolling papers
    -Two small plastic container for weed (for the smell)
    -Eye drops (but these eye drops are for dryness not redness LOL, I went to bought eye drops not long ago and I was fucking high. Didn't pick the right thing haha. After that I was like wtf why they aren't working)
  12. i carry all my stuff in my back pack,

    -5+ lighters
    -portable speakers
    -bottle of water (dont know how many times we have forgotten water for the bong or hookah)
    -hookah,coals,and shisha
  13. space case titanium grinder
    space case airtight stash case
    raw papers
    juicy jay's blueberry kingsize papers
    roach card
    2 lighters
    amber leaf rolling tobacco
    about 1.5g weed (should last me till the weekend maybe next week)
  14. -Lighters
    -Papers, Wraps (3 packs of papers, and a box of grape dutchs atm)
    -A knife
    -3 cigarettes neatly tucked away (someone always wants one)
  15. -2 lighters
    -zig zag papers (the orange pack cause theyre the best)
    -eye drops
    -red grinder
    -water bottle
    i put all of this in a old cinch baggie that some goggles came in, ive been toking for a year now and this is what my kit has gotten to. usually i smoke in my garage, i got 2 couches and a couple chairs in there, and thats where i keep my bong and all my other pipes.

    i like to smoke joints so i dont have to carry a smelly pipe with me, when im done smoking i just get rid of the roach
  16. Sigghhh...My mom found my bong, rolling papers, and my main stash recently, so it's just down to:

    -3 lighters
    -1 small spoon pipe
    -1 blunt wrap
    -bags, and pill bottle
    -A little bit of weed

    :'( I just want my bong back lol
  17. This is why I keep my stash hidden under a rock in a park :D
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    -White bic lighter :)
    -vapor buddy (I don't use it)
    -glass spoon
    -sheet of lined paper
    -pill bottle with MJ
  19. -glass pipe
    -metal pipe
    -eye drops
    -extra baggies
  20. [quote name='"Efoni"']

    My personal marijuana box ;)[/quote]

    It's a thing of beauty :cool: :)

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