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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, May 26, 2004.

  1. So its that time of year again for me here in Oregon. The suns out, the weathers perfect, and the garden springs to life.. I was just wondering what other green thumbs were growing this season... Heres what NuBBiN's growing:

    -Tobacco (what can I say, its cheaper and more fun than a carton of American Spirits)

    -Wormwood (Contains Thujone, used to make Absinthe)

    -Catnip (Gotta keep the kitties stoned)

    -3 types of hot peppers (hot little fuckers)

    -chives (these were from my girlfriends harb garden, she had planted all these chives and forgot about them and didn't tend to them..since then years later this patch of chives has mutated into two inch thick several foot tall stalky chives....major culinary booster)

    -mint, pepermint (I was thinking about possibly making an herbal smoking blend including these...Ive also been interested in various herbs that make good teas & tonics including peppermint and mint)

    -Aloe Vera plant (these plants, or i guess cacti, have the squishiest consistency when you touch their outer skin..when theyre cut open the insides are completeley clear gel that oozes out and is ready for skin care...awesome plant)

    -Ephedra (Just recently shceduled in the U.S. and so its now illegal to posess so that means it just became a very rare plant overnight around these parts)

    -Baby Corn (These are the tiny thumb sized ears of corn that you find in salad bars and chinese buffets...sweet "undeveloped" looking buggers...they can be aged to make mini-popcorn)

    -Moonbeam Watermelons (These guys don't get very huge, they don't turn red, they stay green and theyre extremely sweet)

    -Salvia Divinorum (gotta have it..always, they don't produce seed, and are mothers to take care of, but well worth it ;) )

    -Strawberries (My strawberies are't doin so good..first generation, too little yield, too closely planted I think, weak plants, I guess strawberries take a while to get well rooted and sometimes don't really start to take off the first season or two..)

    -"Dinosour food" (This plant is just plain cool..it looks like it came straight from the jurassic period...thick spikey and fuzzy stalk with single huge sextagon shaped fan leaves individually grow to a span of over 5 feet...they make great shade cover for smaller plants)

    -Poppies (what can I say..the glorious poppies...a required staple every season ;) )

    Then there are the plants which I have seeds for already, but have yet to sow:

    -Evening Primrose (Edible leaves, flowers and roots...contains Oils with traces of amino acid trypophan, which boosts the effectiveness of L-dopa, the precursor of dopamine in the brain)

    -Horehound (Used in candies, lozenges and syrups. sometimes used as a substitute for hops in beers & ales. The leaves have a unique taste that goes well in most teas and smooths out tart lemonades wonderfully. Appearently these attract buttloads of bees)

    -Lemon Balm (lemon scented leaves make awesome tea. Calms upset stomachs and hyper children..)

    -Astragalus ( older generation roots as well as seeds can be used to stimulate the immune system and prevent colds. Makes sweet tonics and teas and is oftentimes mixed with ginseng)

    -Dragons Head- Lemon scented Tea/Tonic herb with loads of vitamins, good for the immune system and helps in the treatment of fevers.

    -Spilanthes "Toothache Plant" ( The buds of this plant can be chewed or brewed into a tea whereby it causes the mouth to buzz and tingle in an awkwardly numbing fashion...also produces large amounts of saliva somehow)

    It's odd to notice that Im here without any marijuana plant whatsoever...
    So What do you have growing?..

  2. Wow nubs awesome selection, i think all we are growing right now are some peppers, tomato's cucumber and a bunch of different varieties of flowers. But I think ill look into some of the seeds youve planted; spice up my garden. :)
  3. i really wish i could have my own garden. i'd grow tobacco for blunt wraps, salvia, morning glory, hawaiian baby woodrose, all that good stuff. too bad i'm still living with my mom.
  4. update:

    the seeds which i had yet to plant have all been germinated, sprouted, hardened off and are all now full blown pants..

    someone seems to have found some pot seeds and added a nice plant to their already large garden..who this person is i have yet to find out..;)

    I've repotted many plants, have numerous tobacco plants now, added a rhubarb plant, artichokes, basil, spinach, hot dragon peppers, early girl tomatoes and adult corn....

    my poppies all flowered and were put to good use, the pods that remain will be matured for next years seeds..

    gave up on the strawberries, as it's too easy to go to any store and buy local organic monster strawberries all summer and i rarely use them for anything...

    so no one else out here grows anything?....im sure there are many closet pot growers, but someones gotta have the slightest of green thumbs...even if you've just got a windowsill full of flowers, tell me about it!..i wanna hear about peoples gardens..theyre quite literally one of the most rewarding hobbies one can have...
  5. Actually I am growing Tobacco, Salvia, Peppermint, Jalepenos, Jabenero (sp), Totatoes, Watermelons, Corn, Potatoes, I also have a couple of rose bushes. Then there is my other garden the more private garden, thats my favorite one.;)
  6. I admire you man. Sorry your strawberries aren't going to well. Definately one of my favorite fruits.

    When I get my own place I want to grow some apples, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, stuff like that.

    One of my teachers grows kiwi's indoors in NY. :D

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