Whats in ur CD player?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 29, 2004.


Fav Kind Of Music?

  1. Heavy Metal

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  2. Rap

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  3. Classic Rock

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  4. Classic Period :p

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  5. Oldies

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  6. Pop (like that ghey kid Justin whats his face)

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  7. Death Metal

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  8. How about an Orcastra (wow i cant spell stoned or sober)

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  9. Punk

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  10. Dude... i can SEE the music!

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  1. What kind of music u have playin right now? What band? Just stoned n wonderin :p
  2. Right now on Winamp:
    Filter - American Cliché.mp3

    In the CD player:
    Radiohead, Hail To The Thief
  3. so vote cuz i dunno what kinda music that is :p
  4. Rap/Hip-Hop, Snoop Dogg - Paid Da Cost To Be Da Boss
  5. KRS-ONE Step into my world!


  6. step into my world, where theres no one left.....

    I love KRS-1, he is the shit :p
  7. i have cryptopsy so im the "1" that voted for death metal (i know im a fucken outkast)
  8. a very large stash of mp3's that will eventually get me arrested but a wide range of them none the less in my cd player is i think Rage against the machine. if you could picked more than one it would of been cool cause i have a 6-disc changer with diffrent genre in all slots.
  9. listening to rage against the machines take the power back on kazaa.

    in my cd player is moe. the live show that i went to 11\6\03 at harrow east ball room Rochester NY i voted for classic rock cause thats the description that they follow best. their a jam band like phish so yeah.
  10. i don't know what kind of pot you guys are smoking but jimi hendrix,pink floyd,the doors,led zepplin,cypress hill,ccr,matchbox 20,blind melon,alice in chains,nirvana,metallica,collective soul,afro man,and many many more.peace
  11. nirvana and pink floyd is pretty much all i listen too now adays... :smoking:

  12. cryptopsy is the shit dude... french death metal.... fuckin rights
  13. right now on the music jukebox, i got
    grateful dead :ramblin rose
  14. American Beauty by the Grateful Dead. I don't know what category that falls under, so I didn't vote. But, yeah, it's the Dead.

  15. No man, you're just part of the cool people that listen to good metal, like me and hailchickenwing and a bunch of others!

    NP - Darkane - Rusted Angel
  16. Six Feet Under - Die Motherfucker
    Dying Fetus- Skull fucked
    Dimmu Borgir- puritania (black metal)

    ooo #2 for deathmetal
  17. thugs n harmony
  18. arsonists- underground hip hop
  19. wheres the ska/reggea?? seeessh! :rolleyes:
  20. to you deathmetal "outkasts" I'm more into the stuff liek nile and vehemence. Vehemence is teh shit even if they hate god :p I got a hat by Cypholic C's singer from they're concert at State College PA... that was bad ass :)

    Death metal rocks hard, fast, and more melodic than you'll ever know until u listen to it, specially high

    Tho right THIS second im listning to Speed Metal Symphony by Steve Via (best guitarist i've ever seen or heard)

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