What's important in life?

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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first thread so excuse any fuck ups. I also don't know where this topic belongs, so "General" it is.

    Before smoking my perception on what is important in life was different. Not by choice but because I hadn't yet experienced what weed has to offer your life. How has weed changed your perception on what matters in life? I'll go first, obviously.

    Before smoking:
    --I thought time was valuable and important.
    --I though that my life was difficult and I had a lot of problems.
    --I though that money and power where important.
    --I thought that the way people view you was important.
    --I thought the same bullshit most of the world thinks.

    After Smoking:
    --I realized that time is the most insignificant factor in my life. If you say "I don't have enough time" you're an idiot, because time is the only thing in life that's constant. It is the only thing you will never run out of, (until you die of course) you may go broke, you may lose friends or family, you may forget who you are, but you will always have time to re-sculpt your life. All in all don't base what your do with/in your life on time.
    --I realized that my life is a fucking joke. When people in first world countries get "sick" they take off work/school and sit in their home, watch television and eat food. When people in third world countries get sick, they go in bombed out buildings and die. Everyone complains about school, but does anyone complain about being smart?? Be homeless for 2 days. You will have a difficult time. Now be homeless for 2 days in the middle of the Sahara Desert... When living is a day to day struggle then you live is truly difficult. When you're skeptical as to if your going to wake the next day because you've been starving for 5 days, then and only then can you complain that your life sucks.
    --I realized that I don't want to be rich and powerful, I really don't. I want to live my life happily, the way I want and I don't need money or power to do that.
    --I realized that the way people see you is not important. Life isn't about judging people clothes, hair, wealth, or intelligence. So the people that want to waste their life away judging me, be my guest.

    While weed has not caused all those revelations, it has certainly made them easier to see.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Friends and family.

    If you're not hurting anyone, physically or emotionally, then you're living a good life. Just don't take 'the world' so seriously. Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember you're on a rock floating through space.
  3. These are some good revelations. We also need to be responsible in the choices that we make, as they will affect you, ones close to you, and your fellow man. Wise tokin'.
  4. The important thing in life is living, living ideally for a long time, time to enjoy your lives things, things like people, the world, cars, boats and whatever makes you feel good

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