Whats hippy flippin like?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by The Cannabis, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Ive got two Blue Batmans, and a shroom chocolate (very potent batch) I was just wondering how other people have expierenced it.
  2. well, you feel like you are the happiest you could ever possibly be. You feel like you are bound with nature and you love everything that much more. Visuals will also be intensified, especially if you blaze. Also make sure that you time it out so that you will be peaking on the thizzles when your peaking on the shrooms. Its pretty much pure awesomeness. do it man
  3. Pure bliss, happiness, and a feeling of being ALIVE! I took .1 of molly with a little over 2gs of boomers on New Years and was really ALIVE from like midnight to about 3-4AM. I ate the mushrooms like 11 and the molly about 11:45.

    This was also mixed in with mad blazing to keep me good. It was amazing how the two drugs combined in such a strange way to produce such a unique trip. I've done both before but this was totally unlike either one, though maybe a little more of the feeling of tripping, but very different because of the molly, more blissful, less confusion, and none of The Fear that can come with mushrooms, but normally higher doses.

    Often on mushrooms I just laugh uncontrollably and am very confused, especially in a party situation but I was much more able to keep myself (generally) under control even with quite a few people around, and I definitely believe the molly helped with that.

    So, in adderall fueled conclusion, molly helps with your mindset as well as the actual feeling of tripping.

    PS Do it!

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