Whats Hiding In The Bushes?

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  1. So im all ready for a days gardening up in the hills. Got my lunch packed, got my equipment all ready filled my bike and started off.
    Whenever I get near my spot ill always do an outer circle about 2-3km around my whole spot just to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.
    Everything is going as normal when i spot something in the distance, Its moving but very slowly at least i think it is. Im not sure what this is!! Its about 1km away and it looks as if there is more than one.
    I look to my friend and ask "Do you think its a farmer?" No he says "looks like dogs or something". At this point we are stopped having a smoke trying to figure out what the fuck is across the way.
    We soon got tired of trying to figure it out, so we go over to it. We get through the stream and start making our way up the mountain when we lost sight of it.
    WTF was that were thinking, when out of nowhere we see it again.
    Two of us are now heading straight for this thing. Just as we come up on it, up jumps four army personnel, looking at us like we going to start attacking them. WTF
    We look at each other whiter than ghosts.
    They were crawling on their hands and knees, guns in hand bags on backs, ghille suits, the whole lot.
    We try to act somewhat normal and give a wave to them, they wave back knowing we spotted them.
    We move on a bit stop the bikes and start talking about what could they possibly have been doing?
    We forget about it and head for our spot.We have a place in the mountains where we stop up on the bikes hit a few ramps and stuff.
    Not today were not as we find army jeeps and tents set up around where we stop.
    They had three jeeps parked up and big tents probably ten ft high all set up.
    We could see they had communications setup too. They also had spotters trying to spot the soldiers we just found twenty mins ago. Again we wave, they wave back casually, Im just happy they not looking for me.

    Anyways i dont think ill be able to go near my spot again for a while.
    Hoping they dont find my girls.
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    cool lil story man I was thinking the whole time what are they gonna find and then baaam//// what? Army guys sneaking around some kind of training ops I bet u spotted them b4 they spotted u
  3. interesting story. If I was heading to my grow spot and saw military men crawling in the brush like fucking snakes, I would probably shit my plants. Especially after having a smoke! LMAO
  4. They would have heard us coming in on the bikes. I think they are still up there.
    I live in a very small town, and Ireland only has a handful of helicopters.
    The other night there was an Army copter that landed in the barracks here. Very strange for this part of the country.
    They better not make a habit of it.
  5. LOL, If I see them again ill try crawl up behind them and ask for a job!!

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