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whats has been your worst fiend act?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. *******QUICK STONER SUMMARY*******

    hey, when i REALLY wnated ot get stoned once...i boiled the resin out of my bowl, and along with the resin, i smoked part of the coffe filter i used, and it was horrible, stingy and i'm sure EXTREMELY carsonigenic and DNA depleating...anyway, namron has yet to let up on em about it, and i decided to post a thread to see if anyone was worse than me so he would get up off my back...*whispers* he is mean...fear him...he is the namron... *sniff* *short gasp* *tear!*....oh boy, i wasnt suposed ot ramble in the sort one...damn

    *******LONG ...uhm..NOT SHORT THING>>>BUT OITS THE SAME PART THAT ABOVE>>I"M JUST STONED********(with special exclusive OGIS© (Oh God I'm Stoned) additions which will be set off by " ~ ")

    oh i Mc O'fleeby bobs!.... after much twitching, and grunting (whitch i barely made out as coherent speech) with namron...i have decided to post this thread...this all stems from when i shamefully told namron that after i boiled the ~SNARRRR!!~ resin out of my bowl, i smoked both the resin...and...part of the coffe filter!!! it was horrible....dont sm ~ FLEEEEP FLEEP!! ~ oke coffe filter....i try to tell him, that it was brownish blakc with resin....but he wont let me live it down.. anyway, wow, i'm ~ HOOT HOOT SKEEPY!! ~rambling...sorry sorry... i / we just wnated to see if there were any people doing such fiendish things when they are on a THC hunger... uhm..thing? thc hunger thing?

    oh boy....
  2. me and my friend smoked catnip once it messed me all up

    no im jokingnever went that far for teh sweet herb
  3. I've smoked catnip! Read it did something... just a kid experimenting.
  4. A while back, I smoked oregano, thyme, sage, and just about every herb they sell in those jars. Lets just say my lungs payed for it in the end
  5. once, i smoked the crap out of the bottom of several baggies...all i got was a headache.
    people please dont smoke catnip, i dont think its good for you.
  6. One time in 8th grade I spilled my dads bong smoking my last little bong toke and I noticed there were lots of resin chuncks so I picked the resin chunks out of the bong water on the floor and smoked them, does that make you feel alitle better blinky?

    p.s. I'm pretty sure the resin isn't any good after you boil it, so you basically smoked a coffee filter for nothing ;)

  7. lol....i like you
  8. Maybe you relly are a man *lol* just kidding, I like you too, i'm glad your back.
  9. smokin this sghitty weed in a foilly
  10. damn immmmmmmmmm gigh== high. fn m key is stcky
  11. I got some crystals from an empty baggie and scraped up resin from a broken pipe that I have already scraped from. Hard times...
  12. Ok. First realize im token on a pipe while i write this so it may not be perfect. One time, while i was working at a pizzia/ italian place in Massena, NY, I went to my friends house that was the dishwahser there. Well, none of us anything and the town was dry for weeks and we really had nadda. Well, me n uh, we'll call him D, well me and D(the dishwasher) were sitting around and we bet his older brother 20$ to drink the bong water out the bong under his living room table.Now I mean this was months old. No one had the energy or memoery to change the water after we smoked. No one slowed down before we smoke because we were excited cause we just got a baggie.This stuff was old. Well, his bro did and he puked once or twice, but he said he was really high. In the end, he said it was worth it. What do you think?
  13. i think he's a fuckin' maniac

    and my worst feind act was cmokin resinated paper resinates joint paper and resinated blunt paper

    it gave me a head rush but i think that was because of the tobacco in the blunt paper and the fact that i nrver smoke tobacco

    P.S. how do u make an ashamed face on the keyboard
  14. worst I've done is scrape my metal chamber pipe hardcore and smoke it then the very next night scraping it intesively again in hopes that resin magically appeared.
  15. anotha fiend act I did today is scrapping bits of weed from 3 month old stems. wonder if I'll get high? well, gonna pop some pills jus to make sure

  16. me and my friend were so bored one day we picked flowers and smoked them. that stuff was gross
  17. please note that its a foily stuffed with stems and im bout to hotbox a car right now

    Attached Files:

  18. im righting this after smoking a fatty of nl.. so here goes.

    one time a saw a kid smoke a bowl beans.. talk about looking like the forth of july.. well one beaner popped and went into the kids eye and blinded him for about an hr.. talk about having a shitty day.. first you smoked a bowl of beaners only to have them make yop go blind for an hr.

    the only fiendish act i can say i have done.. once i dryed out actual marijuana leaves in the microwave and and smoked.them.. talk about so nasty throat burnen shit.. BUT I GOT HIGH!!!


    this has to be the funniest thread i have ever read.. fuck it im stoned..
  19. Sometimes when i'm hella hungover in the morning after a party at my friends before we clean we go around and smoke all th half cashed bowls eople leave, thats pretty sad, but nomatter how much weed I buy, I always smoke it all. STML I guess, I just can't make myself think ahead ;)
  20. Boys, this thread is deadly. Hurtin acts of the 21st century. I couldn't even recall every hurtin task I have done to get high, it's not possible, scraped numerous pipes, smoked miniscule roach crumbs, allllllll that shit. lol I wish I could tell a good story here, oh wait I have one.
    My old man has this little wooden hash pipe, it's pretty old and he got it from his friend Rod(he owns a headshop) when we lived in calgary. It's never had anything but hash put through it you could tell. Well we had my friend pull a resy out of it (just haulin back on an empty bowl with a continuous flame) and about the 3rd try he blew out a huge hit and we started passin it around, under the screen was a nice little hash turd. well we smoked it and then decided to scrape the pipe and it had never been scraped before by the looks of it and we had enough at the end for a ball that took up the whole bowl and we smoked it right down, the thing givin out HUMONGOUS hits the whole time.... that is one of the more triumphant hurtin times' story lol

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