what's happening to my plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jrrtokin, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. Today, I discovered my plant is a girl, hooray! but also found some of the lower leaves fallen off and wilted, and more that are limp with dark spots on them. It only seems to be the lower leaves.... any ideas? I'll atach pics when I get the camera working again...
  2. u might have given it to much altra grow but if it is what i think it is it isnt a big problem when the bottom leves get yellowish cut that stem of it will mack it a busher better looking plant
  3. if it's only on the older lower fan leaves i would bet it's nitrogen deficent..when a plant has a nitrogen deficency it will have yellowing of the lower fan leaves and they will droop and fall off with a gradual progression to the top of the plant...mary jane likes nitrogen...if it's too high in nitrogen you will notice a very rich green coler followed by a dieing off of leaves all over the plant with brown spots..basicly what happens is the plant starts feeding off the lower fan leaves to get the nitrogen it's needing..
  4. cheers all. flushed with water already, as it was all I could think of. I can't find a decent fert anywhere though, so might just leave it alone as an experiment. I'm losing about 2 fan leaves a week, so with about 5 weeks of flowering left, I think I've got enough to make it....

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