Whats happening to my girls

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  1. Noticed some yellowing and the next day shazaam. Growing in fabric pots, soil ff, ph is 6.5ish, 1000w hps. Not dry, not too wet. Im lost. Thinking it may be a dificiency, but what? Any ideas? 0721191736d.jpg 0721191736c.jpg 0721191736a.jpg

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  2. early nute burn miss a few feeds just water only
  3. You confirm my suspicion. I did just water and used only water. Thanks

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  4. Nite burn bro
  5. ***Nute burn***
    Not to cause any confusion. Nit burn would be super dark green before they get fried.. can even mess with the veg and flower cycles as well I believe.
  6. they arent fried, they are yellow and green. trichomes look ok, seems like the buds stopped fattening. most of the top pistils are brown but some underneath are still white and turning orange. at first I thought it was nute burn but they never burnt. thought it may be some sort of def. still not convinced of anything. cant find anything that matches this on the interweb. the light color is not crispy burn, its yellowing.
  7. I know brother, didn’t mean they were. I Meant if it were nit burn it would be like that.
    Hence, not to be confused with.
    Not sure what’s going on here for sure though. Not nit burn though.
  8. Yeah, I think in the pics it could look burnt. I was just trying to clarify. I was actually waiting to see if they did burn but havent yet. getting close to harvest anyway and Im not totally disappointed. they just look a lil goofy right now. see what they look like at about 700 degrees
  9. It has to be something immobile. It’s affecting all the top and new growth. So rule out mobile nutrients
  10. well, the verdict is in. I just got a digital microscope today from amazon. Couldnt wait to get home from work to try it out. Zoomed in on my worst looking buds and found these. Not sure what they are. These plants are indoor, in a bedroom closet, wrapped in mylar. I'm so damn particular about what goes on in there try to keep everything spotless clean. you cant see anything with the naked eye. I know the pic is hard to see but any idea?

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  11. fuckin spider mites. for sure. i'm not seeing any webs though. see them crawling through the trichomes and under the leaves. mostly the yellow with black but a couple reddish ones here and there. Time to harvest. gonna try a new bud wash technique also. may end up with a shitload of dabs.
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    Dang. Sorry brother. Not something you could’ve really stopped without seeing first.. good one for finding out. Here’s prevention done by the book.
    Hope this helps you brother. Sorry again.
  13. What book is that
  14. 5D899C48-0454-4376-888D-89D6A6645807.jpeg
  15. I only had a week or so left, trichomes looked good, pistils on top were ripe and the ones underneath were very close, close enough. just did a harvest and washed all the bud in h202. killed all the lil basturds and washed most off. I bought a microscope and confirmed. its eerie to see those lil fuckers crawling around your bud. Didnt see too much webbing though but did see some. pretty much quaranteed to the one corner of my room where the air dont flow too good. lesson learned dammit.thanks for your knowledge and sharing your time, i appreciate it very much. just so you know, it wasnt all from the mites, i did have a lil nute burn to go with it but not too bad. put the two together and we have a salvage mission.

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