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  1. What is going on with my plants??? Leaves are curling????

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  2. Bump bump help please
  3. More info please ..

    What type of soil, size of pots, ph of soil, ph of water, what nutes, size of light and distance from the plants..

    Personally the most common problem i see on here in PH imbalance.. so check your PH
  4. Fox farm ocean Forrest. 3 gallon pot. Photo 6.3-6.5. Don't know the soil ph. 600 watt hps. About a foot n half away
  5. I gave the info??
  6. What's ur humidity and temp at man

  7. What's the distance between the light and plant in the pic it looks like the tops r only affected

  8. My bad man I just noticed u already said it haha

  9. I'm a novice but the humidity stays pretty moderate and the temperature is usually pretty high I know that's not a lot of information :-(
  10. Ya man I'm no pro just trying to help out but if its only the top of ur plant that's like that try moving the light higher up maybe try to get a fan to blow between the plant and light . Iv noticed the top of my plant have done the same thing but not to that extent I just moved the light up and the next day it was back to normal idk man I hope ur baby gets well

  11. You can't be vague when trying to diagnose disorders. You need a temp/humidity meter in your room to ensure consistent grow conditions.

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