Whats Got You Scared?

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  1. Not scared necessarily, but what's the last thing that made you jump? Or suprised you a bit?


    Started to shut the lights off in the shop, this pokemon lookin e.t. thing creeped me the fuck
  2. Hahaha that looks like ET gettin ready to

    1. Rip da bong


    2. Suck down on some dick

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  3. Veiny triumphant bastard :laughing:
  4. I was standing at the stove cooking and my cat darted across the kitchen but I only saw her out the corner of my eye and I freaked out lol.
  5. The American government has me scared.
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  6. not making it in life
  7. Im watching this scary haunted show on netflix

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  8. Last night I stepped out onto the back veranda for a quick toke. I was just about to lean in against the rail when my foot came down on what I seriously thought was a snake. I lost my cool, for obvious reasons. 
    Y'know, Australia. :rolleyes:
    It was just a coil of rope.
  9. I just got up from a 18 hour nap, I'm scared because I feel like I slept walked into the kitchen and took NyQuil about 4 douses, now I feel like crap.
    that wasn't the first time pussy got you scared
  11. that looks like E.T. getting ready to suck dick! hahahahaha
  12. The fact that everything everybody ever does on the internet or using technology is recorded by the NSA...

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    What was actually casting the shadow?
  14. blast from an explosion in ft bragg.  yet another knock-the-pictures-off-the-wall-blast.
  15. My brother has fallen twice now in the shower its getting a little bit scary, the last time he took the curtain bar with him, hoping he doesnt fly out and smash his head  :eek:
  16. Lack of the fed$

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    What was actually casting the shadow?
    </blockquote>Two turkey decoys, one was on a broom and also an ore for my kayak lol
  18. Almost died yesterday. I was on my bike and went to turn around. All i hear is the scream of tires and i look up BAM chevy 1500 going 50 mph comin straight for me. He swerved one way and was dead on a path to kill me. Luckily i pedaled fast and he swerved the other way just in time. Almost shit myself all i could think was "Damn i'ma die like a dumbass". So least to say that's the scariest thing in a long while besides my night terrors.
  19. Shiet lol I had a buddy get hit in front of a gas station. Definitely not cool. But a truck coming head on? My shit would have propelled me to saftey
  20. Ya if i went 3 seconds later he would have definately killed me. I pedaled my ass off! but it was one of those things like when you try and dodge someone in a hallway and you both go the same direction ya know? So i had to stop to let him by but instead he swung it the other way and barely missed my rear tire.

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