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what's gooooood with this place

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dank slap, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. new or whatever, fuck facebook and tumblr and twitter and all that noise

    names rebecca, who are you : }
    tell me stuff i should know about this seemingly wonderful place
  2. Dont piss off wildwill and you should be fine
  3. This thread is closed for review
  4. I'll give you a dank slap :ey:
  5. FUCK man this shit is too confusing but i must not give up

  6. i'm the nicest ever i don't piss anyone off

    yeah that's a lie

  7. don't excite me now
  8. Females have to post nude pix.


  9. seems legit, i'll get right on it, champ ~
  10. Whats up mother facko?

    Welcome to the city.

  11. aha why thank you i feel the love

    nothing is really up, i'm just watching drugs inc. and chillin with my kitty cat.
    what's up with you stranger
  12. Just loaded a bowl, waiting to spark it.

    is that you in your pic?

    If so, very nice:)
  13. aaaaah im out right now i really need to get some cash soon.

    mmm spark that and take a hit for little ol me.

    and yes, that's me silly i don't use pictures that aren't mine i find that creepy o.-
    aha thanks though, i try i try c:
  14. Berd is the werd

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