Whats good breakfast for a hangover..

Discussion in 'General' started by Superbeastdj, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Cuz I'm hurting bad here.. >_<
  2. vodka.!!!!:p
  3. Bready kind of things, cereal, a bagel etc. With a few glasses of water.
  4. French toast.
  5. yep

    lol I drank my ass off yesterday countering it with amp to stay awake (hour sleep in 2 days to boot) and when I finally slept last night I woke up today feeling like a god damn train hit me

    the only solution was weed more booze or more amp and the lesser of three evils is more vodka which has me feeling just fine 2 hours after waking

    toss a few saltines back before and after you drink the 'sober up' shots of vodka and you should be feeling fine

    a gatorade may help or some vitamins and tea (soda will make it worse)
  6. Eggs, hash browns and toast. With a nice glass of milk on the side.

  7. You need weed!
  8. Menudo, Chorizo and eggs, potatoes o'brian, Big Bowl of Sativa Flakes, and a beer.
  9. Well I walked to mcdonalds.

    they wern't serving breakfast at 10:30am.....

    Usually I would love a mcdonalds for that..

    however I wanted breakfast..

    o well..

    I got some fries.. some orange juice.. some sweet tea.. and some fries.. and at about 20% of it.. and now im back in my dorm.. feeling a bit better.
  10. I have been up for 24 hours and i dont plan on sleeping for the next 24 either.
    My breakfast consisted of chi tea, scrambled eggs and French toast.
  11. McDonalds Double Cheeseburger always does the trick.
  12. water, sleep
  13. EGGS, they have almost every amino acid and electrolyte you need when youre hungover, they really are a perfect food to refresh your body after you flush it out from drinking/pissing all night.

    but personally i LOVE mcdonalds (or similar) fastfood breakfast when im hungover after a party. Bacon egg and cheese biscuit with hash brown and OJ, definitely does the trick.

    BTW drink gatorade or a similar drink, that too will get you feeling better way faster.
  14. dennys lumber jack slam, or one of the many other kinds of slams :smoking:

    the way i see it, if you get slammed the night before, you gotta wake up n go get a grandslam or something in the morning--as that melvin on dazed and confused says "nothing beats pancakes and syrup after a good night of beer drinking"
  15. eatnpark breakfast smile.
  16. Im usually abnormally hungry when I'm hungover.

    fried tomato+ basil
    couple strips of bacon
    piece of toast with peanut butter
  17. weed and waffle-house is the best hangover cure. theres none around where i live though
  18. I hate sugar in the morning.
  19. Grease, Tea, Water, Carls Jr. Breakfast Burger, Coffee...any of those should sufficiently work in combination...at least 2/5 should be taken!
  20. mix gatorade with water, how it works is a mystery to me...

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