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  1. Hey every one! I'm new to these forums, and am just getting into the growing scene. Back in the winter time I had a decent amount of seeds. All types, most likely not all feminized. I decided one day I wasn't going to keep them so I through them out my window in to my backyard.

    Now yesterday, approx. 2 months later, I was walking my dog back there, and noticed a ton of vegetation. I thought to my self wouldn't it be funny if one of my seeds planted it self and grew. I began looking around, and to my surprise there was a single plant among a bunch of inconspicuous plants. I am so excited!

    Now for the problem. I began observing the little guy and noticed the leaves towards the base of the plant and maybe one or two leaves up they were beginning to brown at the edges. One of the leaves has a whole through it and is beginning to brown. It also appears as if there is little spots, almost like tiny tiny rice sized white specs. I have no idea what this could possibly be, and I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out or point me in the right direction. I haven't prepped the growing area in any special way, so its possible it could be a potassium, nitrogen, or other deficiency but then again I've never done this so I have no clue. The plant is about a foot and a half tall, and is just beginning to mature (I don't think I can even tell the sex of it yet). I took some pictures for any one who could help me out. Thanks guys! I look forward to posting here more often in the future, and learning from all of you gurus!

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  2. Do you have any idea how old the plant is. It could be the start of a deficiency, more possible though is if you have holes in your leaves its some kind of insect problem. Next time you check on her look at the undersides of leaves real closely and look for any other possible insects on your plant.
  3. I am not totally sure as to how old the plant is. I was guessing around 2-3 weeks. The plant is only about a foot and a half tall, and the sex organ (not sure what its called) is barely visible.

    I checked on the underside of the leaves and I see these tiny black dots. I have been reading this could be a sign of spider mites. Also, the bottom leaf was a quarter eaten, and browning. I removed that leaf. The bigger fan leaves towards the top are beginning to brown slightly at the tips. What is the best way to keep these bugs away? Any specific insecticides to get, or organic homemade products I could buy or make? Any help would be great, I want to save her life! :(
  4. Get some neem oil and spray it on the plant in diluted amounts. That will help get rid of the current spider mite infection. Im sure someone on here has a homemade recipe for keeping crawlies away.

    Those would be called preflowers btw.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I am going to get some neem oil as soon as I can and hopefully that will get the trick done :)

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