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  1. Hey everyone this is my first grow but i've done quite a bit of research before getting the plant. I got the plant from my father in law that planted it in Miracle Grow. the plant was mostly a runt but i thought it would be fine. So at first i had it under the sun not i have it inside under two 27w Daylight CFL's 1750 lumens each and 5000K each 24 hours. Im just wondering whats up with this plant it's leaves are really wavy and growth was VERY slow until the cfl's showed up.

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  2. Is it still in Miracle Grow soil?
    If so, get it out of there...and into some better soil suited for growing. M.G. soil has been know to not be too friendly to MJ plants.
    Look on the site. There are plenty of 'how to's' floating around that will explain everything you need to know.
    Good luck.

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